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University student interns with National Centre for Preservation Technology and Training, US

University student interns with National Centre for Preservation Technology and Training, US
August 05, 2016 Research

Centre for Heritage Management (CHM) student Chirashree Thakkar is back at Ahmedabad University after interning with National Centre for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT), National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior. She spent eight weeks working with Andy Ferrell in the Architecture and Engineering Program (A&E) and two weeks with US/ICOMOS, Washington DC. As an experienced architect and heritage professional, Chirashree contributed directly to the A&E program and more generally to the work of NCPTT. She made progress on the building stone database the team at NCPTT has been developing and was also exposed to other NCPTT programs. She met the staff and learned about the preservation and management issues of the Cane River Creole National Historical Park, the Cane River National Heritage Area, and Melrose Plantation, which is operated by a local nonprofit. Along with the other interns, she participated in a study tour of sustainable architecture and preservation projects in South Louisiana. 

Chirashree also spent time in designing and creating CAD drawings for additional office spaces at NCPTT headquarters and a week with NCPTT's Historic Landscapes program documenting Mallard Island, which was both the home and architecture/landscape design laboratory of conservationist Emest Oberholtzer. She worked with a multi-disciplinary team and gained experience with Historic American Landscape Survey and Historic American Building Survey documentation methods. 

In a letter to Debashish Nayak, Director, CHM, the Executive Director of NCPTT, Kirk A. Cordell, said that it was a pleasure to host Chirashree Thakkar as an intern and she has left a positive impact on his team. He has expressed an interest in hosting other interns from Ahmedabad University in the future.