Learning Initiatives

Independent Study Period

Independent Study Period at Ahmedabad University is a set of hands-on courses offered by experts, practitioners, and pioneers in various fields beyond their choice of discipline. It allows students to explore their passion and go beyond the classroom, making their academic learning truly interdisciplinary and conceptual understanding more experiential.

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Engagement and Application Based Learning and Education (ENABLE)

Ahmedabad University believes ‘engagement’ with the context and environment and ‘application’ of concepts are the two most critical aspects of better learning. Hence, our pedagogy is named Engagement and Application Based Learning and Education, ENABLE. An ENABLE course lays greater emphasis on understanding the context and applying the concept versus merely learning the theoretical aspects of a concept.

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Ahmedabad Grand Challenges Programme

The Ahmedabad Grand Challenges Programme is a unique programme designed for outstanding students of Grades X, XI, and XII to help them immerse in an academically rich environment and experience the culture and ethos of a liberal education-based research University.

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The Nalanda

At the University, we believe in building a spirit of enquiry and independent thinking by exchanging ideas and developing bridges between disciplines, cultures, and society. The Nalanda is a unique initiative that brings our students in close contact with deep thinkers, conversations with whom are inspiring and transformational.

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Learning Coalition

Learning requires establishment of a coalition between the learners and between the faculty and the learners for the class to succeed. By bringing together educators from different fields and institutions, the Learning Coalition fosters collaboration and a community of learning.

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Course Exhibition

Semester End exhibitions are a time when students and faculty come together to display the projects and outputs from their courses. These vary from presentations to prototypes to live performances, and translating their presence on the web.

Student Projects Exhibition Monsoon 2022
Student Projects Exhibition Winter 2021
Student Projects Exhibition Monsoon 2020