Graduate Programmes

Graduate Programmes

Masters Programmes

To provide unsurpassed opportunities to our students so that they can sharpen their skillset and deepen their knowledge through research is the motto on which our graduate education functions. With an exemplary faculty guiding them, students learn through a practical approach involving multiple disciplines. Listed here are the Masters programmes at Ahmedabad offers which provide deep, interdisciplinary education that builds skills and perspectives.

  • Master of Arts in Economics

    The MA Economics programme is designed for students who are looking to learn how to address complex questions through a deep understanding of economic theory and its application through rigorous data analysis. It provides a training in applying economic models and tools to the changing needs of corporates, the financial sector and policy institutions. 

    Offered at: Amrut Mody School of Management

    Mininum Programme Credits: 69

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  • Master of Business Administration

    The Ahmedabad MBA is an interdisciplinary programme that combines liberal education and analytical rigour. Our MBA graduates are not only academically sound; they gain real-world experiential learning, and an appreciation of social, cultural, and ethical contexts within which a business operates. Our MBA programme prepares student to be not merely better managers, but better leaders, better citizens, and better human beings.

    Offered at: Amrut Mody School of Management

    Mininum Programme Credits: 80

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  • Master of Management Studies in Heritage Management

    The Master in Management Studies in Heritage Management Programme is a unique programme of its kind in India. It emphasizes critical understanding of heritage and builds a managerial approach to the management of the heritage sector. Areas of exploration within the curriculum include diverse range of heritage sectors spanning tangible and intangible, cultural and natural, historic and contemporary/living heritage etc. with an emphasis on the management of these areas.

    Offered at: Centre for Heritage Management

    Mininum Programme Credits: 72

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  • Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering

    In an highly competitive marketplace, organisations need skilled professionals to interpret a growing stream and variety of data. Increasingly, industry is focusing on how "big data" can be used to help decision makers improve organisational competitiveness. The MTech in Computer Science and Engineering programme’s Data Science and Analytics specialisation is designed to meet this growing need

    Offered at: School of Engineering and Applied Science

    Mininum Programme Credits: 63

    Specialisation: Data Science and Analytics

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Doctoral Programmes

Our research-oriented and rigorous doctoral programmes provide all-round training to our scholars. Moreover, our active global collaborations with leading institutes brings them the enriching experience of working with, studying, and learning from peers across the world.

  • PhD at Amrut Mody School of Management

    The Amrut Mody School of Management at Ahmedabad University offers an interdisciplinary, academically rigorous and research oriented Doctoral (PhD) programme in Management that prepares scholars for careers in academia and research divisions of industry. Requirements for this degree include extensive interdisciplinary course work, demonstrable expertise in areas of research, and successful completion of thesis.

  • PhD at School of Arts and Sciences

    Ahmedabad University’s doctoral programmes involve completing graduate-level course work, passing a comprehensive examination, and successfully completing a dissertation. The School of Arts and Sciences offers doctoral programmes in Humanities and Social Sciences, Life Sciences, and Physics. Details of each of the programmes is given below.

  • PhD at School of Engineering and Applied Science

    Ahmedabad University encourages high quality research through doctoral degree programmes. Ahmedabad University is actively involved in the process of building networks and partnerships with leading institutes, enabling faculty and scholars to work with peers across the world. The doctoral degree programme at the School of Engineering and Applied Science of Ahmedabad University offers an inter-disciplinary exposure to research and provides the students an opportunity for building a career in academia, or R&D sectors of industry.

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