Ahmedabad Design Lab is a research, practice, and teaching space for understanding challenges facing society and finding innovative solutions to these challenges. The Lab is premised on using design as the glue to bring together systems of knowledge from multiple disciplines for problem-solving. The Lab will, in particular, work on issues faced by the city of Ahmedabad in social, economic, and governance domains, thereby helping reimagine the city to become one of the most vibrant cities in the country and the world.

Ahmedabad Design Lab will engage with the industry and other organisations primarily for their purposes, conducting programmes and workshops to deal with change by using design as the catalyst and being the facilitator to solve problems. As the first step, the Lab has initiated a Design Minor at the University. The Lab will also host the unique Capstone Projects and guide students. The objective is to advance the development of cutting-edge Design Thinking, its theories and methods, and their applications.

Our Vision

  • Create opportunities to creatively address society's challenges in a sustainable manner.
  • Bring multidisciplinary knowledge systems to bear in problem-solving.
  • Support innovators and entrepreneurial enterprises and transform them into innovation-based ideas, products, services, and systems solution providers in local and international markets for sustainable economic growth.

Our Mission

  • Service to society: To use Ahmedabad city as a laboratory for generating new ideas and solutions in the service of society.
  • Business entrepreneurship: To support enterprises, government, and nonprofits to work with the University community in finding innovative solutions.
  • Teaching: Real-life problem-solving in the classroom through learning by doing and hands-on methodology, and developing a curriculum across Schools that promotes it.
  • Teaching: To inspire, engage, and mentor a new generation of solution providers by offering interdisciplinary design courses.