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Corporate Partnership and Industry Engagement


Route Camp

The Amrut Mody School of Management redesigned their MBA curriculum and introduced a mandatory two year long hands-on consulting and implementation project called Route Camp. Route Camp brings industry and society problems into the classroom over an extended period and is aimed at enhancing effective learning and employability. You can sponsor a project – something that you really want to get done but never had resources or time to complete!

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Capstone Projects

All of our Undergraduate programmes - Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours), Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), Bachelor of Science (Honours), Bachelor of Technology, Integrated Master of Business Administration, and Integrated Master of Science in Life Sciences – offer a Capstone project to our students in the final year at the University. A Capstone Project is an externally sponsored, multi-disciplinary project (from industry or civil society or government etc.) where teams of students from different disciplines and Schools work together to address a real issue or solve a real problem. The project’s aim is to train the future generation of leaders to problem solve in a team with people with different skills and abilities and to bring interdisciplinary knowledge to bear for the same. 

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Final Year BTech Projects

All engineering students either write a thesis or participate in an interdisciplinary  capstone project or work on a engineering project focused on their discipline, i.e., a Final Year BTech Project. Sponsor a Final Year BTech Project to be completed at the University or at your location. Contact us at [email protected].

Research, Consultancy and Executive Education

Ahmedabad faculty come with deep expertise in a broad range of areas. Search for a faculty expert and partner with us on research or consultancy projects.

Ahmedabad University’s Executive Education centre can design customised programmes for your firm. Our ability to craft interdisciplinary programmes that bring expertise from across different parts of the campus makes our programmes highly impactful. Contact [email protected] for a conversation to address your needs.

Workshops and Teaching Opportunities

We constantly look for industry expertise at the University to participate in various activities of ours. Come and be a guest lecture in one of our courses or teach a full course or a course with some faculty or run a workshop for our students or guide a student project. Or simply mentor our students and tell them how to become a professional in your industry. Contact the Dean of a School of your interest.

Voluntarism Programme


One of unique characteristics of Ahmedabad education is learning through ways of becoming. Every student at Ahmedabad participates in a voluntary experience with an organisation that is involved with affairs of the civil society. If you are a civil society organisation or work for the underserved and would like to have student interns for a semester, then do contact Prayas Abhinav at [email protected].

Internships and Placements


The Career Development Centre will work with you to help your recruit interns and graduates from the University. 

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International Student Exchange


The Office of International Affairs is based out of the Vice Chancellor’s Office and it coordinates all student exchange programmes, study abroad opportunities, exchange of faculty and organisation of special programmes and events in partnership with universities globally. Located in the vibrant business city of Ahmedabad, amidst the cultural richness of Gujarat, the university provides an amazing opportunity for building a deep exposure to India’s incredible diversity.

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Artists, Entrepreneurs and Innovators in Residence


We have a residency programme for Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators. Come an spend a semester or a year with us engage with our active learning community. Conduct workshops, teach a course, engage with students on your projects while you pursue your own creative agenda. We provide facilities, access to laboratories, our incubator, space etc. to support our artists, entrepreneurs and innovators in residence.

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