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Ahmedabad University is a private, non-profit university dedicated to rigorous academic pursuit with a focus on building enquiry as a value through interdisciplinary learning.

We provide liberal education that prepares students to think deeply and creatively across fields and emerge as independent thinkers and compassionate leaders who can innovatively engage with the complex challenges of our societies. As a research university, we are committed to the discovery of ideas that enhance our understanding of the issues that face our society.

We are building an environment where the Ahmedabad University students and professors explore by reflecting, challenging views and assumptions of each other through data and rigorous arguments, and collaborating to develop insights. This unique learning process is mediated by projects, field work and a belief that good theory leads to good practice.

Located in one of India’s most vibrant cities, Ahmedabad University has a unique mindset to develop cultural and entrepreneurial sensitivity in our graduates. Established in 2009 by the Ahmedabad Education Society (AES), Ahmedabad University is centrally located, amidst a repertoire of highly reputed institutions. The university’s DNA comprises of eminent founders, a congregation of inspiring teachers and engaging scholars, and a talented pool of highly motivated students.

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New Campus

Ahmedabad University campus is centrally located in the heart of the city of Ahmedabad in an area that has become the knowledge precinct of Ahmedabad in the State of Gujarat, India. The urban campus of Ahmedabad University covers a sprawling area that connects the bustle & vibrancy of the city with the reflection within the university - a perfect context for learning.

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