Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

BA (Honours) Programme offers a suite of Majors for students to choose from. The Curriculum of each Major has been carefully designed so as to impart in students excellent communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to critically analyse social and political issues globally, and to work in teams. They may pursue higher degrees in academia or opt for a professional career with the Majors offered in Economics, History, Philosophy, History and Languages, Psychology and Social and Political Sciences.

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Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)

The BBA (Hons) Programme provides business education that includes modern management theories as well as practical insights from the industry. The Management School offers ten Majors out of which students choose two as their area of Specialisation. The Majors list includes contemporary areas such as Finance and Economics, Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management.

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Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)

The BCom (Hons) Programme is a full-time degree Programme with a Major in Accounting that focuses on law, taxation, and banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI). The Programme offers a broad learning experience through courses such as mathematical economics and econometrics; strategic management and entrepreneurship, and elements of mathematics.

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Bachelor of Commerce Professional (Honours)

The BCom Professional (Hons) Programme is the first-of-its-kind programme in India. It is a four year degree designed for students who wish to pursue professional qualifications such as CA, CS, CWA, ACCA, CIMA, CFA or CFP, simultaneously along with their Commerce degree. The programme offers a Major in Accounting.

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Bachelor of Science (Honours)

BS (Honours) is a comprehensive degree Programme for students who wish to pursue higher education in Sciences, in India or abroad. With the interdisciplinary training obtained throughout this course students can also opt for alternative career paths such as science writing, programming, analytics etc. The Majors currently offered under the BS (Honours) Programme are Computer Science and Physics.

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Bachelor of Technology

Chemical Engineering

The core curriculum engineering courses are thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, mass transfer, reaction engineering, process technologies, process equipment design, process simulation and control, and biochemical engineering. A chemical engineering graduate is responsible for conception, design, operation and maintenance of processes for materials production, storage, transformation and transportation involving chemical processes. Conventional areas of work include petro-chemicals and plastics, minerals processing, paints, specialty chemicals besides many others. Emerging applications include energy conversion and storage, bio- and health-related, pharmaceuticals, and environmental technologies, and many others.

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Computer Science and Engineering

The core courses of computer science and engineering are basic electronic circuits, data structures, digital design, signals and systems, operating systems, database management system, computer organization and architecture, algorithm design, computer networks, embedded system design, and models of computation. The curriculum design philosophy truly utilizes the multi-disciplinary nature. These courses enable students to develop the expertise as well as widen their competence and global perspectives in the areas of Data Science, Cyber Physical Systems, Intelligent Systems, and Theoretical Computer Science.

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Mechanical Engineering

The core courses of mechanical engineering are mechanics of solids and fluids, rigid body mechanics and mechanisms, machine design, control engineering, thermo-fluids and energy science, and materials and manufacturing. Besides applications to traditional fields, such as, transportation, power generation and conventional manufacturing, the education imparts abilities to engage with medical devices, "smart" products, new materials and manufacturing processes, environmental issues as well as multi-disciplinary issues like transportation, energy resources and climate change.

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Integrated Master of Business Administration*

Ahmedabad University offers a five year Integrated Master's in Business Administration with a major in Entrepreneurship and Family Business and minor from across the schools. The programme relies on Experiential Learning, where students get to choose from a wide range of courses, projects, internships, and international immersion opportunities. Students are awarded with both BBA as well as MBA degree, on completion of the programme requirements specified by the University.

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Integrated Master of Science*

Integrated Masters Programme offer students the option to gain both, their bachelor's and master's degrees in a unified five-year Programme. Students may enrol in these Programmes after graduating from Class 12 or the equivalent. This programme offers a Major in Life Sciences, focuses on innovation, developing an aptitude for scientific and industrial research to prepare the students for challenging career opportunities in industry and academia.

*It is a five year programme.

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