Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA Honours) programme offers a suite of majors for students to choose from. The curriculum of the Majors has been carefully designed so as to impart to students excellent communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to understand and critically analyse behavioral, social and political issues globally, and the ability to work in teams. 

They may pursue higher degrees in academia or opt for a professional career with majors in Economics, History, Philosophy, History and Languages, Psychology and Social and Political Sciences. A fast changing world also calls for fresh interdisciplinary innovation. The Bachelor degree in these subjects is taught with intellectual excitement and a sense of their engagement with the present. The knowledge they gain enables students to bridge various approaches to the world and find game changing answers to very real problems of the world. 

Students from the Arts programmes will be prepared to pursue Graduate degrees in their respective Majors or seek employment opportunities in business, civil services, the corporate sector, government and non-government organisations, the media and research institutions.

The Programme admits students who have completed Class 12 or equivalent in any discipline and have the passion for their chosen major. Some majors may require prior preparation in certain areas. Please check the section on Majors.

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Programme Must Knows

Minimum Programme Credits: 120*
The curriculum structure and number of credits are under review and are likely to increase

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Arts (Honours)