Mathematical and Computational Sciences

The Mathematical and Computational Sciences Major offers students a rigorous foundation in the fundamentals of Mathematics and Computational Sciences, including Data Sciences. It also prepares them to solve complex interdisciplinary problems by applying mathematical and computational tools. The Major offers a unique blend of courses in theory and modern applications of Mathematics and Computational Sciences. The objective is to create graduates with a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of mathematics who can apply strong computational techniques to model and solve problems in Physics, Economics, Finance, Engineering, and other domains.

Highlights of the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Major:

  • Rigorous Foundation: The Major provides a rigorous foundation in Mathematics and Computational Sciences through carefully designed courses.
  • Flexibility: The Major offers students a wide range of elective courses from the following areas:
    • Pure Mathematics
    • Data Sciences and Machine Learning
    • Mathematical Biology
    • Mathematics in Engineering
    • Quantum Computing
    • Mathematical Economics
    • Mathematical Finance
  • Interdisciplinary Problem Solving: Most real-life problems are complex and often require an interdisciplinary approach. The Major offers students electives from exciting interdisciplinary fields such as Bio-Computing, Data Sciences, Quantum Computing, and more.

  • Undergraduate Research: The faculty at the Mathematical and Physical Sciences division are actively engaged in research, providing students with opportunities to work on research projects under their direct supervision.

  • Employable Skills: The Major is designed to teach students valuable and functional employability skills needed for a career in industry and academia. The critical thinking and problem-solving skills and the breadth in curricula offered at Ahmedabad University will impart a rigorous and broad-based education in mathematics and computational sciences helpful in many practical professions.

Learning Objectives

The Mathematical and Computational Sciences Major seeks to provide students with the following:

  • A rigorous foundation in fundamentals of Mathematics and Computational Sciences
  • Skills to pursue rewarding careers in Mathematics, Computing, and Data Sciences in industry, and higher studies
  • The ability to solve complex real-world problems by applying problem-solving skills and the knowledge gained from a broad education in Mathematics, Computing, Data Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, and other Physical and Biological Sciences
  • The ability to engage in research in Mathematics and Computer Science-related fields
  • Critical thinking and logical reasoning skills needed to understand abstract mathematical concepts and proofs
  • The ability to effectively communicate mathematical ideas and concepts

Learning Outcomes

Successful completion of the Bachelor of Science (Honours) Programme with a Mathematical and Computational Sciences Major will enable the student to:

  • Demonstrate a firm understanding of the basic principles of Mathematics and Computational Sciences
  • Understand mathematical arguments and proofs
  • Write and communicate mathematical proofs
  • Analyse and interpret real-world data in a given context using statistical tools
  • Identify and use relevant programming languages and computational tools to solve real-world problems
  • Create mathematical models and explain a wide range of real-world phenomenon
  • Apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Statistics, Data Sciences, and Computational tools to solve complex multi-disciplinary problems

To learn more about the Mathematical and Computational Sciences (MCS) programme at Ahmedabad University you may send an email to [email protected].

Major Must Knows

Offered by School of Arts and Sciences
Programme Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Degree Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Minimum Programme Credits 120*
Minimum Major Credits 60*

Curriculum Structure (Bachelor of Science (Honours) Programme)