Integrated Arts (Performing Arts/ Visual Arts)

The Integrated Arts (Performing Arts/ Visual Arts) Major is a unique, multidisciplinary, practice-driven programme dedicated to educating a new generation of arts practitioners, art curators, managers, academics, and policymakers. The Major provides inputs for the intellectual preparation of the artist within the traditions of liberal arts while creating the opportunity to build deep capabilities within a chosen art form. The Major exposes students to different art forms that influence the art practice chosen by the student for specialisation. Additionally, it allows for an understanding of how the arts engage with and offer solutions to grand challenges faced by society (such as climate change, health, and social inequality).

The programme is targeted towards five potential Career Pathways. These are directed towards enabling employment or entrepreneurship opportunities in

  • Professional Art Practice
  • The Media and Entertainment sector
  • Museums/Art Galleries
  • Arts Management
  • Academia (teaching and research in arts). 

The Major aims to provide comprehensive exposure to

  • The social and historical conditions and theoretical frameworks by which art practice is understood;
  • Hands-on practice by which a range of creative work can be produced, curated, exhibited, managed, conserved, interpreted, documented and archived;
  • Various art forms and how they can come together in any creative endeavour;
  • Challenges and opportunities in the growing creative economy/creative industry sectors;
  • Methods of conducting academic research, undertaking curation, doing content writing, and preparing grant proposals in the area of Integrated Arts;
  • Cultural policy and laws concerning cultural production in India and globally, as well as cutting-edge industry practices in the creative economy.

On completing the programme, graduates will be able to:

  • Produce creative work that demonstrates innovative ability in performing, making and exhibiting;
  • Curate, manage, conserve, interpret, document and archive art practices;
  • Relate their practice to the Creative Economy/Creative Industries sectors;
  • Apply an integrated understanding of the arts in the fields of academic research, curation, and media and communication;
  • Evaluate interventions that impact artistic and cultural production in India, such as research projects, policy documents, and legal frameworks.
  • A demonstrated interest in Performing and Visual Arts (practice-based and/or historically and theoretically oriented)
  • Being a practitioner in any art form is a bonus but not a prerequisite

Admission procedure

  • University-wide application form
  • Personal interaction
  • Review of portfolio/sample of work

The portfolio/sample of work must include at least ONE of the following:

  • 5 artworks (or photographs of the same) that demonstrate any proficiency the student might have in the visual arts (or photographs of artworks such as installations or sculptures)
  • Video recording under five minutes of any kind of performance (mp4 format)
  • Documentation of previous theatrical works
  • 2 Samples of writing about art (minimum 300 words), such as a reflection on a painting or paintings, sculpture or sculptures, other artwork, review of a musical performance, play, film, etc

To learn more about the Integrated Arts programme at Ahmedabad University you may send an email to [email protected].

Major Must Knows

Offered by School of Arts and Sciences
Programme Dual Degree Programme in Integrated Arts
Degree Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Arts, and a Master of Arts in Integrated Arts/ Master of Performing Arts/ Master of Fine Arts (DUAL DEGREE)
Minimum Programme Credits 183*
Minimum Major Credits TBA

Curriculum Structure (Dual Degree Programme in Integrated Arts)