Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

BS (Honours) is a comprehensive degree programme for prospective students who wish to pursue a higher degree in Sciences in India or abroad or find an opportunity in the knowledge industry. Upon completion of studies, students can take up positions in industry and research laboratories, start their own venture or pursue advanced degrees & research at academic institutions. With interdisciplinary training obtained throughout the programme, students can also opt for alternative career paths such as in science writing, data science & IT, analytics, finance etc. 

The programme promotes exposure to research alongside an active role in society. Students get an opportunity to work in well-equipped laboratories working hands on research equipment. Currently offered Majors under BS (Honours) programme are Computer Science and Physics. 

The Programme admits students who have completed Class 12 or equivalent with Mathematics as a subject for admission to BS in Computer Sciences. The Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics requires a student to have completed class 12 or equivalent with Physics and Mathematics as subjects. Students are expected to have a strong preparation in Mathematics for the programme.


Programme Must Knows

Minimum Programme Credits: 120

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science (Honours)