Bachelor of Technology

BTech programme at Ahmedabad University prepares a ‘whole engineer.’ Our programme teaches a student to solve engineering problems by understanding their social, economic and business context and by building capabilities in methods and technologies that support innovation. The unique curriculum offers a wholesome education, providing in-depth focus through Majors in different branches of engineering, alongside a robust multidisciplinary foundation in engineering, the humanities and the social sciences. Strong emphasis is laid on teamwork, design, learning-by-doing, project-based learning and developing communication skills. The education is contextualised within broad societal issues with sustainability being a common theme. 

The underlying focus is on strong and rigorous fundamentals and concepts, application to engineered equipment and systems, and hands-on learning about products and equipment in a multi-subject setting within each Major. The pedagogy emphasises questioning, experimenting and developing learning skills that will enable students to face careers where change is the norm. Apart from classroom instruction, students are provided exposure to the engineering of products and design methodology in a laboratory setting, using contemporary tools of analysis and design, including software packages widely used in engineering industries.

The Bachelor of Technology programme at Ahmedabad University offers an entry point for careers and further studies in engineering and technology, while also preparing students for future roles as entrepreneurs and innovators. 

The BTech programme. Offers four Majors: Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. The core courses of each Major provide in-depth knowledge specific to the concerned branch, while a set of courses called Engineering Foundation, which is common to all Majors, imparts foundational knowledge and skills in topics fundamental to Engineering in general. These courses are complemented by practice-based, hands-on training in visualisation and graphics, product realisation along with design, innovation and making.

The essential prerequisite for Engineering Majors is Mathematics, which is taught in the first two semesters. During this time, students are also exposed to visualisation and product realisation and dissection. From the third semester, the Engineering Foundation curriculum builds the base for subsequent branch core courses, continuing into the seventh and eighth semesters. These courses are complemented by General Education Requirement courses. The summer following the sixth semester is earmarked for industry internship, followed by a Capstone Project spread over two semesters that will be executed in a multidisciplinary team setting. In the Capstone Project, students will identify a societal need and develop a comprehensive solution, while also addressing trans-engineering aspects, such as those related to the business model, costing, human interfaces, environmental impact and societal impact. Alternatively, students can plan their coursework such that they can execute an Off-campus Project in an industry in the final semester in lieu of Summer internship and two semesters of Capstone project. A student may also work on a thesis aligned with his/her Major area of study or electives. 

Distinguishing features of the BTech Programme:

  • A multi-disciplinary curriculum
  • Project-based, student-centered pedagogy
  • User-centered product design & innovation
  • Engineering Foundation courses as a common core for all engineers from all majors
  • Domain and technology-based research and specialization
  • An ability to opt for Minor specialization in 'Computer Science'
  • Minor in Management as well as in any area of arts & sciences

The Programme admits students who have completed Class 12 or equivalent with Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry as subjects.

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