The 21st century needs responsible business leaders who understand the context, are innovative, and believe in a sustainable world. The BxMx Programme is aimed at creating flexible employment opportunities for students at the graduate level of education. The path-breaking BA-MBA dual degree programme at Ahmedabad University allows students to combine the strengths of the School of Arts and Sciences and Amrut Mody School of Management and seamlessly complete a bachelors and a masters in five years instead of six.

Significantly different from existing liberal management programmes elsewhere in India that do not offer a rigorous liberal arts education, this programme at Ahmedabad University is arguably the first of its kind in India. It allows students entering a BA programme to subsequently pursue an MBA degree leading to professional careers in management and business without having to take one of the many quantitative MBA entrance exams. In this way, the programme fulfils a widely coveted aspiration for students who are passionate about combining an arts education at the undergraduate level with professional skills to take up exciting and lucrative professional jobs in the new economy. The well-integrated structure and pedagogic design of the programme also offer students a rare combination of intellectual tools to systematically study society, history and culture, while also imbibing the professional skills essential for becoming successful business leaders, organisational managers, consultants and entrepreneurs in the twenty-first century. 

Upon completing this programme, students will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts in History/Philosophy History and Languages/Economics/Psychology/Social and Political Sciences (as per their chosen Major) and a Master of Business Management. The programme is being launched at a most opportune time, when business corporations, looking to diversify their teams and provide innovative solutions to business challenges, are increasingly seeking out students with fine and liberal arts backgrounds, who have acquired a broader and deeper worldview.

Programme Highlights

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: To enable students to integrate a knowledge of society, politics, history and culture along with concrete skills needed in business and management professions. Many pressing challenges in the complex business, technology and finance world require innovative solutions that integrate an astute understanding of the socio-political context wherein today’s business and management challenges emerge.
  • Technical Skills: To develop skills essential for a professional management career, including statistical and data analysis, simulation modelling, business strategy and financial planning.
  • Critical Thinking and Interpersonal Skills: To develop competence in conceptualisation, logical reasoning, creative problem-solving, identification of patterns and gaps, critical thinking, and contextually sensitive behaviour, along with the ability to work productively in groups and offer and receive feedback.
  • Expansive Range of Career Opportunities: To provide students with integrated dual BA and MBA degrees with the required training and expertise that will enable them to pursue careers and leadership roles in various sectors, including finance, technology and government.

Programme Outcomes

  • To demonstrate a sound understanding of society, politics, history and culture, and their relevance for and application in complex technical problems pertaining to business and economics.
  • To apply the skills of observation, collaboration, communication, narrative building, and critical thinking to better understand and resolve business-related challenges.
  • To effectively communicate complex ideas (oral and written), quantitative analyses, and business solutions to diverse audiences using appropriate methods and tools.
  • To collaborate with professionals from different backgrounds such as economists, policymakers, entrepreneurs and managers, for solving interdisciplinary problems and engaging in team-based projects.
  • To identify crucial questions of ethics and social responsibility, and apply ethical frameworks and socially sensitive approaches to create a positive impact on business and the wider society.
  • To develop an ability to lead organisations in an ethical and sustainable manner and contribute to the well-being of the communities and stakeholders they serve by keeping in mind the business’s purpose.
  • To analyse the impact of a business or enterprise on various stakeholders using relevant data and appropriate technical tools.

Programme Must Knows

Offered by School of Arts and Sciences and Amrut Mody School of Management
Programme The BxMx Programme (Dual Degree)
Degree Bachelor of Arts in Economics/History/Philosophy History and Languages/Psychology/Social and Political Sciences and Master of Business Administration
Minimum Programme Credits 194.5

Curriculum Structure (BA - MBA)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)