Psychology is the scientific study of mental processes and behaviour. The undergraduate courses and research in Psychology enable students to learn: (i) how people perceive, learn and think; (ii) how behaviour is motivated; (iii) how individuals differ from one another; (iv) how the behaviour changes across the life-span; (v) how interpersonal variables impact relationships in groups, organisations and society; and (vi) how pathological behaviour develops and is modified. Though the focus is mostly on an individual person, comparative studies with other organisms and across cultures enrich knowledge at biological and social-cultural level - in line with the interdisciplinary approach of the Ahmedabad University. 

The courses in the Psychology major introduce students to the theories and empirical studies of mental processes and behaviour. Experiments in the laboratory are performed to verify known psychological facts and principles and to investigate new ones. Psychological testing makes students skilled in the assessment of people. Consequently, attitude, knowledge and skills relevant to (i) careers in business, counselling, education, law, medicine and public policy, and (ii) research in psychology are acquired.

Students majoring in psychology are expected to demonstrate:

  • The knowledge of the basic psychological processes and practises in Psychology
  • The skills to observe, record and analyse a problem using scientific method and to draw sound inferences from the data
  • The knowledge and application of cognitive processes such as perception, memory, learning, thinking, reasoning, and intelligence
  • The knowledge of life-span development of various psychological processes
  • The knowledge of social influences on human behaviour
  • The knowledge of biological factors shaping human behaviour
  • The knowledge of psychiatric disorders and the tools and techniques to treat them

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Major Must Knows

Offered by School of Arts and Sciences
Programme Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Degree Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Minimum Programme Credits 120*
Minimum Major Credits 60*
Psychology is also offered as a MINOR

Curriculum Structure (Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Programme)