The marketing function in an organisation includes managing product and market development, market penetration, performing market research, making marketing plans, as well as strategically approaching important marketing activities such as advertising, distribution for sales, pricing, after-sales customer service, public relations and marketing communication. A major in Marketing will build strong foundational knowledge as well as skills in various areas in the marketing function and digital skills as relating to the function.
The Marketing major offers a combination of theory and application, striking an appropriate balance between the two. This major shall exposure learners to detailed application of critical concepts in the marketing domain such as the marketing mix, B2B vs B2C vs C2C marketing scenarios, global vs local marketing challenges, changing digital dynamics and their relevance. It shall provide an in-depth exposure to the area of choice-based sectors such as luxury, healthcare, pharmaceutical or fashion to name a few. There will be application of learning to real-life scenarios via industry seminars, live case studies, experimental learning, project-based courses and training in hard skills such as mathematics and market research as well as softer skills such as communication and negotiation. Marketing students will develop a thorough understanding of other functions of the business in relevance to the marketing domain and their importance in conducting marketing activities and designing effective marketing plans. Finally, this major shall equip students with the necessary knowledge and methods to make decisions and successfully solve a broad set of marketing problems.

On completion of this major, the student will be able to: 

  • Create effective marketing plans for various domains such as product characteristics, pricing, promotion and distribution mechanisms
  • Develop hypotheses, conduct experiments, undertake market research and draw insights to  evaluate various market situations
  • Use digital technology for various marketing activities
  • Analyse situations from consumer, company, and market perspectives and make  effective decision making, keeping ethical considerations at the centre at all times
  • Use quantitative methods to address marketing questions

Students graduating with a major in Marketing will be able to explore careers in areas such as advertising, journalism, branding, sales management, retail management, merchandising, product development, distribution management and market research. They will also be suitable for jobs in areas such as people management, process development and budgeting within the marketing sphere.

Major Must Knows

Offered by Amrut Mody School of Management
Programme Bachelor of Science in Management (Honours)
Degree Bachelor of Science in Management (Honours)
Minimum Programme Credits 125*
Minimum Major Credits 65*
Marketing is also offered as a MINOR

Curriculum Structure (Bachelor of Science in Management (Honours) Programme)