Computer Science and Engineering

The curriculum design of the major in Computer Science and Engineering is in keeping with the multidisciplinary emphasis of the BTech programme as a whole. It combines a rigorous grounding in the field of computer science with added emphasis on the physical and architectural design of modern computer systems. Based on the breadth of the education provided, graduates will be able to design, develop and deploy computing systems across the hardware–software spectrum. 

The core courses in Computer Science and Engineering introduce students to themes such as digital electronics, data structures, database management system, computer organisation, computer architecture, algorithm design, operating systems, computer networks, embedded system design, and theory of computing. These courses will enable students to develop expertise as well as widen their competence through exposure to deep research in the areas of data science, cyber physical systems, intelligent systems, and theoretical computer science.  Electives will allow students to develop their own area of specialization within the major.

One of the unique aspects of an Ahmedabad  engineering education is its Engineering Foundation. The Engineering Foundation is a core that is common to all engineering majors. It comprises courses that cover the foundational knowledge of most engineering disciplines It encompass topics in electrical, computer science, chemical and mechanical engineering, amongst other fields. Besides imparting breadth, these courses will enable students and graduates to work in interdisciplinary teams and provide a robust foundation to becoming a contemporary engineer.

On the completion of the major, students will:

  • Have a sound knowledge of the fundamentals of Computer Science and Engineering including hardware and software 
  • Be able to undertake rigorous analysis, design, development, deployment, and testing skills to formulate appropriate computing solutions in. order to solve business and societal needs
  • Be able to use various programming languages, tools and technology supporting modern software frameworks for solving problems involving a large volume of data in various domains

The Computer Science and Engineering programme of Ahmedabad University prepares students to be versatile and choose from diverse career paths. Our education equips students to pursue research, higher education and employment alike in software engineering, hardware design, IoT, data analytics, and other areas.

Major Must Knows

Offered by School of Engineering and Applied Science
Programme Bachelor of Technology
Degree Bachelor of Technology
Minimum Programme Credits 169
Minimum Major Credits 109
Computer Science and Engineering is also offered as a MINOR

Curriculum Structure (Bachelor of Technology Programme)