Undergraduate Programme Structure


The Undergraduate Programme at Ahmedabad University aims to not only impart skills to the students but also teach them responsibility and courage so that they can truly fulfil their roles as citizens striving to build a better society. Designed to provide an education that is broad as well as deep, through flexible programmes and curricula, it enables students to explore their various passions while gaining expertise in their chosen fields of specialisation. With innovative pedagogy and ample exposure, it also facilitates inter-disciplinary learning and helps students embrace a wider understanding of their environment. This equips students to discover their own passion in life, better navigate the world, and become an agent of change in their own lives and the society as well. We create an environment that develops in students a life-long love for learning while instilling in them a fervour for finding action oriented solutions to issues facing the society.

Empathy for others who are less endowed and a sense of duty towards contributing to the society whether through their own discipline or their engagement with social organisations is an important ethos that is reflected by our university environment.  University is a safe place where students and faculty can use scholarship to address conflicting ideas and diverse opinions & beliefs. Respect for and protection of other’s ideas & beliefs and their right to express it even when they are different from ours is an important object of the undergraduate experience.


The  Undergraduate programme requires students to complete 120 to 146 credits depending on the programme and School. Integrated Masters Programme that award both bachelors and master’s degrees will have higher credit requirements. Students are admitted to a Programme, i.e., Bachelor of Business Administration or Integrated Master of Science in Life Sciences. Each Programme awards its own degree. Each Programme offers several Majors or areas of specialisation, i.e., one can study in a Bachelor of Science  Programme that offers several Majors like Computer Science or Physics etc. You may explore more information on Programmes, Majors, and Minors. 

Find out more about the distinctiveness of the Ahmedabad undergraduate programme as well as its structure here (for the 120 credit programmes)