Student Competition using Differential Equation Modeling"SCUDEM III 2018"

  September 30, 2018   Competition

School of Engineering and Applied Science

Ahmedabad University, hosts


Student Competition using Differential Equation Modeling, on 27th October 2018 and a  Faculty Development Workshop for incorporating differential equations and modeling in teaching.

This is an internationally organized  competition by the New York based nonprofit organization SIMIODE  for undergraduate and high school students. The problems have practical context in areas ranging from Biology and Social Science to sports and computing.  An institute/School can participate by registering a team of 3 students and one faculty coach for the contest. The student team works on a problem selected by them from the list provided, for a week before the competition and prepares a presentation detailing their solution. On the day of the competition they are asked to incorporate an additional issue in the analysis. For sample problems and details of the competition, please consult

So sharpen your calculus weapons, prepare your differential daggers and come and join us for this friendly battle. For more information please write to Mitaxi Mehta at with subject line SCUDEM. Please note that there are no registration charges for Indian teams this year.

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