About Us

The School of Engineering and Applied Science is a part of Ahmedabad University, an institution dedicated to providing a liberal education and world-class research environment to all its members. Its roots go back to Ahmedabad Educational Society, the historic trust that founded the university and its thriving, innovative schools. Located in the heart of Ahmedabad city, it is also part of a neighbourhood that also hosts some of India’s finest educational institutions, including CEPT University, the Physical Research Laboratory and the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

We are a world-class engineering institution that provides multi-disciplinary education to the innovators of tomorrow. At the school, both faculty and students are expected to pursue research and development in the social and industrial spheres, equipping themselves to solve the most complex challenges of their societies and communities. 

At A Glance: Our Vision and Mission:

The School of Engineering and Applied Science is an institution that:

1. Nurtures engineers who can learn, analyse and adapt quickly to real-world problems; 
2. Facilitates complex thinking by providing project-based learning;
3. Is compact, smart and focuses with deep competence on strategic disciplines;
4. And hosts specialised, multidisciplinary research centres of impact.

We aim to prepare engineers and scientists who:

1. Are ready for a complex, diverse and global work environment;
2. Can work in an interdisciplinary and collaborative manner at the interstices of traditional disciplines;
3. Can negotiate the ethos of automation and specialized skills with the ability to learn, critically analyse, and creatively respond to a changing world.