Gujarat Institute of Chemical Technology (GICT) to fund a basic R&D laboratory for the faculty and students of SEAS

  April 25, 2016   Funded Research


Funding for research infrastructure:

Type of Funding: Infrastructure - Gujarat Institute of Chemical Technology (GICT)

Title: Establishment of Basic Lab for Research in Novel Engineered Materials  

PI: Dr. Ajay Karakoti, IET

Funds allocated: 85 Lakhs

Project Duration: NA

Summary (Short): This funding will support the creation of a basic R&D laboratory infrastructure for the faculty and students of SEAS. The basic infrastructure will allow faculty and students to synthesize novel materials in the broader areas of energy and environment with special focus on selected areas such as catalysis, hydrogen storage, water treatment, extraction processes and chemical and gas sensors. The proposed laboratory will be established in 200 square meter area fully equipped with chemical resistant laboratory benches, fume hoods and small instruments to facilitate research such as pH meter, conductivity meter, analytical and coarse weighing balances, centrifuge, probe and batch sonicator, UV-Visible spectrophotometer, tube furnace, muffle furnace, hot air oven, vacuum oven, rotary evaporator among other things.  

Broad Area: Energy and Environment

Subject Area: Chemistry and Materials Science

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