Dr. Patel and Dr. Chaudhary receive research funding from GUJCOST

  June 01, 2016   Funded Research

Title: Design and Performance Analysis of Non-parametric Detection algorithm for Cognitive Radio - MIMO Communications

PI: Dr. Dhaval Patel

Co-PI: Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary

Funding Organization: Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of Gujarat

Funding Amount: Rs. 4,30,000/-

Duration: Two Years

Starting date: 1st June 2016

Ending date: 31st May 2018

Project Summary: The aim of the project is to develop non-parametric detection algorithm and analyze the performance in a real-time wireless environment.  In this project, we focus on the study and Monte-Carlo simulations of a new non-parametric scheme to detect the presence of the primary user without knowing its structure and channel information. The work includes the detailed performance evaluation of non-parametric detection scheme in the actual wireless environment. To achieve this, GNURADIO software and the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) hardware based wireless test bed will be created to prepare the experimental setup of CR-MIMO (Cognitive Radio – Multiple Input Multiple Output) systems. Thus, the project will provide simulations and an experimental performance evaluation of non-parametric detection schemes to provide opportunistic spectrum access in a cognitive radio environment.

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