August 24, 2020   Workshop

Smart Village Movement (SVM: https://www.smartvillagemovement.org/) is an initiative by the University of California, Berkeley in association with the Government. SVM aims to empower villages by finding out pain points and providing the solution using technology and business models. SVM has collaborated with more than 50+ organizations like GoogleX, Qualcomm, Cisco, PayPal, and universities like MIT. SVM selects highly motivated students to work on the problem and in creating a launch-ready solution. Currently, 4 Ahmedabad University Students are part of the SVM program for the villages in Mizoram, India with a timeline from August 2020 to December 2020. They are mentored by team from UC Berkeley, SVM including Professor Muralikrisha Iyaanki and Professor Mehul S Raval, Ahmedabad University. They have attended a 3-day online training program organized by the UC Berkeley. They partnered with students from IIT Hyderabad, IIM Visakhapatnam (IIMV) and PDPU Gandhinagar. They were given a choice to select a domain from 9 domains. Bhargav Patel, a final year BTech ICT student at Ahmedabad University is working in the domain of agriculture and connectivity to empower farmers. Jeet Shah from the same batch is also working in the domain of agriculture and educating farmers. Kruti Yadav also from the same batch is working in the healthcare domain. Varshil Shah from the 3rd year BTech ICT engineering is working in the domain of livelihood. As the project moves ahead, participants will be given an opportunity to work with one organization to make a launch-ready solution with a strong business model in collaboration with UC Berkeley Students.

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