A project titled “Smart Street Light System” is selected for Regional Round of Smart Gujarat Hackathon 2019-20

  February 18, 2020   Exhibition

Smart Street Light System project will help the municipal corporations of the city to optimise the use of electricity. The proposed system uses various sensors and a controller to make the existing lighting system more intelligent. The system saves a substantial amount of energy by reducing voltages of the lights in the absence of objects (like vehicles and humans) on the road. The system automatically reports lights which are not working to the respective authority. Indirectly this will reduce the cost of maintenance of the overall lighting system. Various functionalities of the project are implemented using IoT / Arduino Kit including Infrared (IR) Sensors.

This project is developed by Tirth, Harsh, Nirav and Hrutika (first year students of the School of Engineering and Applied Science) under the guidance of Professor Kuntal Patel. We are happy to share that the said project is selected for Regional Round of Smart Gujarat Hackathon 2019-20 going to be organised during the last week of February 2020.

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