Research Seminar:Dr. Saakshi Dhanekar “Nano-sensors for the Common Man"

November 13, 2018 2:15 pm   113,GICT Building   AU research seminar series

Abstract: My talk will primarily focus on development of nano-sensors and their usefulness to the common man. Alcohol breath sensors being used by Traffic Police today are assembled in India. The talk will describe in-house fabrication from chip to the prototype. Another very useful device discussed will be for non-invasive detection of diabetic ketoacidosis which primarily uses a very sensitive acetone sensor. MEMS play an important role in sensing applications. Development MEMS with a porous structure is challenging but it reduces the power consumption considerably. This will also be highlighted in the talk. In short, recent advancements in sensors and their usefulness in the current time will be discussed.

About the Speaker: Saakshi Dhanekar is working as an INSPIRE Faculty at Centre for Applied Research in Electronics (CARE) at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. She works in the area of fabrication to prototype development of gas- and bio-sensors. Few of her recent explorations have been alcohol breath analyser and diabetic ketoacidosis detection using breath analysis. Her other research areas interests include silicon technology, MEMS, nano-materials, thin film transistors etc. Currently, she has a project funded by Government of India through which she is trying to capture E. coli bacteria using her bio- chips for safe drinking water. She does lot of innovation with materials and micro-fabrication processes to enhance the sensing parameters and simplifying fabrication processes respectively.

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