February 2024

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM IST

Room 200, School of Engineering and Applied Science


Soft Skills Training

Sandhya Anantani | Speaker at Ahmedabad University

Sandhya Anantani

Corporate Trainer
Personal Branding Coach

This talk is about the importance of soft skills in the work place. Communication is key and corporate communication needs political correctness. There are several difficulties faced by women at work as well. These things need to be addressed, understood and one needs to navigate through all the adversities – communication plays a major role here. It is also a quintessential quality of a good leader.

The attendees will have a fair idea about personal branding and image building. They will be able to effectively articulate their ideas. They will have understood how and why context and cogent communication matters.


Sandhya Anantani

Sandhya Anantani is a trainer and coach since over 10 years. She is a law graduate and has a double masters in Management. She is a trainer for Mercedes India, Hitachi, Mitsubishi power, Adani: Power, Airports, Wilmar, Transmission and has also trained pharma companies like Intas and Cadila for several years.

She has trained over 10,000 individuals and helped them and their organisations grow. She believes that communication is a muscle, the more you work it, the better it grows.