Faculty Seminar : Dr. Rudrodip Majumdar “Dynamic Moving Boundary Characteristics of Two-phase ORC Heat-exchangers in Solar Thermal Applications”

February 25, 2019 2:30 pm   113,GICT Building   AU research seminar series

Abstract: Pivotal heat transfer components of solar thermal systems may involve two-phase flow of the working fluid (e.g. two-phase solar collector coupled directly to the turbine, boilers and evaporators). Dynamic modelling of these systems is important to understand the heat transfer behaviour, as well as, to develop the system level control among many other attributes. Among many other modelling approaches, a particular class of heat exchanger model, namely the moving boundary lumped- parameter model, has emerged as an efficient and effective tool for simulating dynamic characteristics of the two-phase solar collectors and the evaporators pertinent to organic Rankine cycle (ORC) systems. These models are efficient in tracking of the continuously moving phase change boundary without the requirement of well-formulated starting solutions. From the computational results it has been found that increasing refrigerant mass flow rate through the evaporator tube, results in an increased length of the subcooled segment. Moreover, it is also observed that the mean temperature of all the wall segments decreases with increasing refrigerant mass flow rate.

About the Speaker: Dr. Rudrodip Majumdar did his PhD from North Carolina State University in Nuclear Engineering. Currently he is PDF at IIT Mumbai since October 2016. His current research interest encompasses Solar Thermal Energy and Modeling of Energy Storage Devices. During the course of his professional career Rudrodip has received Academic Excellence Award (IIT Kanpur, 2011), Honorary memberships of prominent Honor Societies (Phi Kappa Phi-2013, Alpha Nu Sigma-2016); and was also elected as a Professional Member of American Nuclear Society (May, 2016) based on his performance, contribution towards original research, as well as, experience.

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