Student Life

Students learn not only within their classrooms and laboratories, but also from their community of peers and faculty. At Ahmedabad University, the community includes scholars and academics from across India and around the world, who bring with them a wide range of perspectives, experiences, cultures. This diversity enables and encourages respect, compassion, and empathy – values we take very seriously – among our students.

The City of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is defined by its entrepreneurial spirit and booming economy. Yet it remains deeply rooted in history and tradition, which include centuries of Mughal and Rajput influence and a vibrant industrial past. It is home to some of the finest medieval and modern architecture in the country, as well as to the Gandhi Ashram, a monument to the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi.

Ahmedabad currently hosts some of India’s best educational institutions. With its wealth of museums and cultural events, an abundance of colourful local festivals and lively public culture, there isn’t a single boring moment in the city.

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