Ahmedabad and Green Lifestyle

The Campus is constantly finding ways to reduce its carbon footprint and become environmentally responsible. It also believes in demand side management by nudging its community to undertake environmentally friendly practices. Become part of this evolving endeavour. It starts with the Foundation Programme with the Studio on Climate Change and Environment. Engage with our Global Centre for Environment and Energy.

The Arboretum (or the Arb) is being built as the green lung of the city of Ahmedabad. It comprises nearly 100 species of trees that create a unique ecosystem of sustainable development on the campus when added to the existing trees within the campuses. We plan to plant close to 800 trees in a 1.12 lakh sq. ft. area (most of which has already been done) and hope to bring birds and local flora back in the city. It reflects our aspirations for the ecology of the campus and contains outdoor spaces for classes and conversations, a stepwell that doubles as on open air theatre, and many spaces for curated outdoor activities. Situated in the heart of the Central Campus, it also provides a quiet place for reflection, a conversational walk with a student or a colleague, a place to remain undisturbed, and a place to rest under shaded groves.