Cafeteria at University Centre

The University Cafeteria is where you can whet your appetite with a choice of four multi-cuisine outlets personally overseen by the Assistant Director, Food Services and Nutrition, Rahul Bhale.

Truly Indian
From the rasoi ghars of royal India to the kitchen of the Cafeteria comes a perfect blend of native spices and herbs, and the richness that makes Indian cuisine inconceivably delicious. Truly Indian, a vegetarian kitchen, is a tribute to the rich and diverse culture of our country, and it offers time-tested favourites like Paneer Dum Roll, Dal Makhni, Masala Dosa, Kewada Lasooni Biryani and many more.

Delice’s philosophy is to be simple and to be mindful; every serving has to be as responsible, domestic and healthy as is possible, without sacrificing good taste. The menu includes modern classics and surprises from around the world, with novel combinations such as Mr Hazy (grilled hazelnut and chocolate sandwich) with Cold Cafe Mocha (signature cold coffee).

Global Bistro
Treat yourself to appetising international cuisine sitting right here within the University Centre. Take your pick from Brioche French Toast with house-made fruit compote and candied nuts to Grilled Pesto Panini, from Mac Attack (classic mac and cheese) to Desi Bambaiya Sandwich, from Galauti Kebab Slider to Mozzarella Finger (mozzarella cheese marinated with herbs and crumb fried), and much more.

Greens and Grains
Where do you head if you need a quick-fix energy-packed meal? Right here, to Greens and Grains. Here’s a quick service option where you can grab vegetarian, vegan, raw, macrobiotic or organic food, including low-fat salads, grain bowls, wraps, pitas, cold-pressed juices and healthy smoothies.


Project Otenga

Otenga or the Elephant apple is a fruit widely used in Assam. Unlike most other fruits, Otenga is formed by the petals of the flower. Instead of falling off, the petals of the flower wrap around each other and become stronger and harder to become the fruit. This character of Otenga is used as a metaphor for Project Otenga’s multi-faceted, multi modal approach. Inside the beautiful campus of Ahmedabad University, Project Otenga is a collaborative space for learning beyond classrooms.

The space offers a relaxed environment with people arriving from different walks of life and professions. There is outdoor seating along with an indoor arrangement surrounded by greens and succulents creating a delightful and quaint ambience. While all the recipes have a touch of North Eastern cuisine, which is Project Otenga’s origin, it serves a variety of food styles.

Some signature must-try dishes include Mouthful Whisper, a pasta with fresh mustard sauce called ‘panitenga’ in Assam with toast, and Roselle Tea, prepared from the calyces of the roselle plant. Craving for something special? Request and you might just receive! 


Cafe VentureStudio

The Café VentureStudio, is located in the premises of VentureStudio campus. Surrounded by nature and a beautiful green space, its USP is serving fresh wholesome and healthy foods which are easy on the palette.

It serves whole wheat sandwiches, coffees, salads, soups and small meals as well as delectable homemade ice creams. It’s a meeting place for the young and the old alike - an enchanting nook in a quiet, tranquil space.