Getting Around

Ahmedabad prides itself as a safe city. Yet, one must always be alert and cautious when travelling. Do keep your friends and family informed when you travel out. The Campus Security and Campus Operations team is within a phone call away from assisting you. Never hesitate to seek their help. The Campus and University Residences are very well protected by security personnel and technology.

Contact Information:

Mr K Vallabhan - [email protected]

Campus Parking 

Only limited two wheeler parking is available on campus. You may secure a campus parking permit and will need to wear a helmet to be admitted into the campus parking area on a vehicle.
No car parking is available to students on the campus. However, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation runs several multi-level parking facilities in the vicinity of the campus (the nearest one to the campus is located next to the Navrangpura bus station).

Campus Transport

Being a centre of city campus, parking space on campus is very limited. In addition, we are encouraging our community to build environmental friendly ways of travelling. 

You can take the free Campus Shuttle Bus to move within and between various facilities of the university. It also has pickup stops outside the campus. Please consult the Shuttle schedule on AURIS or from Campus Operations.

The University also runs University Bus Service on several routes in the city. The Bus Service is a reasonably priced service that provides a hassle free travel to our students and staff. We strongly encourage our students to subscribe to this service. The University opens new bus routes once there are a minimum number of subscribers. Discuss your requirements with Campus Operations. 

The upcoming Ahmedabad Metro system will have two stations in the vicinity of the campus. This will add to our travelling options which are also environmentally responsible.

Contact Information:

Mr Abhinav Chaturvedi - [email protected]
Mr Pratyush Chatterjee - [email protected]

Transport in the city

Public transport, cheap taxis, and auto rickshaw are the most common ways of travelling within the city. Soon, the new metro line will have stations close to the campus.