Message from the Dean of Students

Amresh Kumar


Dean of Students

Students are welcomed into a rich academic environment at Ahmedabad University, characterised by a wide choice and flexibility in course selections, and a distinctive interdisciplinary approach. Integral to life at the University is also a rich array of extra-curricular offerings, including student-run clubs and a strong sports programme with exceptional indoor and outdoor amenities.

We urge students to immerse themselves in University life and make the most of the opportunities available here. The University cares deeply for the growth of students and their development into intelligent and compassionate citizens of the twenty-first century.

It is a brave new world, and what students do in the University will help them discover their passions, and, through this, their most meaningful and fulfilling relationship with society and the world. All of us—young and old—must strive to become transformative agents in this emerging global order, by equipping ourselves with critical thinking capabilities, a liberal outlook, and a profound insight into life, truth, and beauty.

They used to say it takes a village to raise a child. There is great truth in that age-old adage, which bears mulling over. Similarly, it takes a committed, caring, and liberal University to raise intelligent and compassionate citizens of the world. Ahmedabad University is steadfastly committed to providing all the avenues required for facilitating the success of students, and offering them access to these avenues. This is why students must carefully imbibe the following three aspirations in their young lives: the commitment to be engaged with all of University life, the desire to learn and pursue excellence in whatever they choose to do, and the responsibility to support and enable those around them, including their peers at the University, the people of Ahmedabad, and the world at large.

Every single physical, emotional, or social challenge that students may experience is of concern and interest to the ODS, and we strive to help them in dealing with these challenges. Our intent is to get to know each student individually. Our purpose is to ensure that students feel a sense of belonging at Ahmedabad University, and to support them in their academic and personal lives.