Abrar Ali Saiyed

Assistant Professor
PhD (IIM Ahmedabad)
Areas of interest
Entrepreneurship and Internationalization in Emerging Markets Context: Strategic choices and issues in new ventures, New venture and SME internationalization, Innovation in new ventures, Early internationalization in social enterprises, Entrepreneurship in art, culture and heritage related ventures

 Abrar Ali Saiyed earned his Fellowship in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA). His specialization is in entrepreneurship and international business.He has teaching experience of 8 years in reputed Government and Private business schools and education institutes in Gujarat State. He has taught at Indian Institute of Management, Indore, Center for Environment and Planning Technology, Nirma Institute of Management, Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Pandit DinDayal Petroleum University, B.K.School of Business Management (Gujarat University), Ahmedabad Management Association. He taught courses on Strategy, International Business & Entrepreneurship. His papers have got selected in European Academy of Management, Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Eastern Academy of Management, Academy of International Business, European International Business Academy, and Indian Academy of Management. He got the best paper award in IIMA Doctoral Colloquium in 2013. He got a travel grant from Boeing to attend AIB 2018 Conference in Minneapolis, USA. He served as a consultant to Industrial Commissioner and Industrial Extension Bureau (Gujarat Government), ASL Logistics, Qua Nutrition, I-Tiffin. His research interests are in Internationalization process in New Ventures, Entrepreneurial firms, SMEs in emerging markets. Currently, he is helping one of start ups in France. It is into solar technology, and it is looking for a manufacturing partner in India to produce low cost, good quality solar energy products for African Markets. He also has been working as a consutlant to center for heritage management, Cooperative Fedration ( of handicrafts) of Self Employed Women Association (SEWA is the biggest self employed women NGO in India) and many other organizations into heritage, art, and culture. He was also a resource person teaching strategy in Management Development Program in Crafting Luxuary and Lifestyle Businesses in IIMA. He is in MSME Panel of CII Gujarat Chapter as a subject expert and do research and develop training modules for MSMEs in Gujarat. He has keen interests in social work and promoting local heritage and culture. He spends few hours in a week to improve school level education among schools run for underprivileged students. He is running a women entrepreneurship program with American Corner and US Consulate Mumbai to empower women coming from marginalized communities. He is also founder of Heritage Clu in IIMA and Association of Muslim Entrepreneurs. He was selected for International Visitor Leadership Program sponsored by US Government in the year 2017. 

                  PAPERS UNDER REVIEW

  • The internationalization of new ventures in a post-liberalization era: the shifting role of industry concentration (Rejected in SEJ in 2nd Round)Asia Pacific Journal of Management Abrar Ali Saiyed, Stephanie Fernhaber (Butler University), Rakesh Basant (IIMA), D. Karthik (IIM Trichy)

                  PAPERS IN PIPELINE

  • Emerging Economies, Institutional Voids, and Innovation Drivers : A Study in India Sending (Sending Journal of Business Research in March 2019) Abrar Ali Saiyed, Sourabh Bohra (IIMA), Aditya Moses (IIMA), Amlesh Sharma (UT Austin)
  • From the grassroots to global markets: An exploratory study on the internationalization process of grassroots innovation based entrepreneurs (Sending to Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice)
    Marleen Wierenga (Aalto University), Abrar Ali Saiyed, Stephanie Fernhaber (Butler University)
  • Is More Always Better? Entrepreneurial Orientation and Firm Performance under the Contingent Influence of CEO Power  (Rejected in the 2nd round of review in Strategic Management Journal and sending in Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal in March 2019) Abrar Ali Saiyed, Vishal Gupta (University of Alabama, USA), Bill Wales (University of Alabama, USA)
  • Role of innovation in internationalization decisions in emerging economies: A Study of Inward Outward Internationalization Choices in India (Sending in Journal of International Business Studies) Abrar Ali Saiyed, Rakesh Basant (IIMA), Antonin Ricard(Aix-Marseille Université, France) Elizabeth Rose (University of Leeds)
  • Reasons for High Growth Women Entrepreneurs in emerging economies: Role of Social Identity, Capital Access, and Internationalization Abrar Ali Saiyed, Jeemol Unni (Ahmedabad University), Ravikiran (JNU)
  • New Venture’s Capabilities and internationalization under the contingent influence of  Industry Context in a transition period in emerging economies(Sending it to Journal of World Business in April 2019) Abrar Ali Saiyed, Rakesh Basant (IIMA), D. Karthik (IIM Trichy), Rajesh Upadhyaluyu (IIM Khozikhode)
  • How the SME uses social network resources to internationalize: The case of India (Sending it to Journal of World Business)


  • 3rd Indian Academy of Management Conference in December 2013 Role of Leadership in Business Model Innovation:  A Case Study of Entrepreneurial Firm   Abrar Ali Saiyed
  • Twelfth AIMS International Conference on Management (AIMS-12), 2-5 January 2015 ISBN: 978-81-924713-8-9 Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Strategic Choices of New Venture Firms: Case studies of Two new ventures funded by Center for Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship (CIIE)  Abrar Ali Sunil Maheshwari (IIMA)


  • Academy of International Business, Minneapolis, 24-29 June 2018 New Venture’s Capabilities and internationalization under the contingent influence of Industry Context in a period in emerging economies  Abrar Ali Saiyed, Stephanie Fernhaber (Butler University)
  • International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Family Business (ICEFB), Mumbai, 8-10 January 2018 Role of industry concentration and business group affiliation in the of new ventures in emerging economies: a moderating effect of liberalization Abrar Ali Saiyed, Stephanie Fernhaber (Butler University), Ajai Gaur (Rutgers Business School)
  • International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Family Business (ICEFB), Mumbai, 8-10 January 2018 Assessing innovation in manufacturing SMEs in emerging economies - a grounded theory perspective Jaap Voeten (University of Tilburg); Abrar Ali Saiyed
  • International Corporate Governance Society Conference (ICGS), Rome, Italy, 2-3 September 2017 Moderating Impact of Quad-Qualified Board on the relationship between CEO Power and Firm Performance Sujata Banerjee (LUISS), Alessandro Zattoni (LUISS), Abrar Ali Saiyed
  • Academy of International Business, Dubai, 1-4 July 2017 The internationalization of new ventures in a post-liberalization era: the shifting role of industry concentration  Abrar Ali Saiyed, Stephanie Fernhaber (Butler University), Rakesh Basant (IIMA), D. Karthik   (IIMA)
  • 20th McGill Conference on International Entrepreneurship, Vaasa, Finland, 23-25th August 2016 The internationalization in New Ventures in Post Liberalization Era: The shifting role of Industry Concentration Abrar Ali Saiyed, Stephanie Fernhaber, Rakesh Basant, Karthik D
  • 4th Biennial Conference, Indian Academy of Management, IIM Lucknow 11 – 13 December 2015 Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Internationalization of New Ventures: A Study of Cognitive factors Abrar Ali Saiyed, Antonin Ricard
  • European International Business Academy, Rio Brazil, 1-3 December 2015 Firm Level Determinants of Internationalization by New Ventures in India: A study of Network, and Marketing Capabilities Abrar Ali Rakesh Basant, Karthik D
  • Academy of International Business, Bangalore, 28-30 June 2015   Determinants of Internationalization by New Ventures in India Abrar Ali Rakesh Basant, Karthik D
  • Eastern Academy of Management, Philadelphia, 7-9 May 2015 Is more always better? Entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance under the contingent influence of CEO power Vishal Gupta, Devkamal Dutta, Abrar Ali Saiyed
  • Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, London, Canada, 4-7 June 2014 Entrepreneurial Orientation, Firm Performance, and CEO Power: Evidence from India         Vishal Gupta, Devkamal Dutta, Abrar Ali Saiyed
  • Best Paper Award in Early Track: 7th IIMA Doctoral Colloquium, Ahmedabad, India, December 2013 Pattern and Determinants of Internationalization by New Ventures of India Abrar Ali Saiyed
  • European Academy of Management in Istanbul, Turkey, 26-29 June 2013 A factor of speeding up internationalization behavior: a study on attitudes towardinternationalization:the case of Indian SMEs  Antonin , Abrar Ali Saiyed 
  • Entrepreneurial, Innovation et DEVeloppement (EIDEV) Aix-en-Provence à la Faculté d’Economie et de Gestion de l’Université d’Aix-Marseille, India, 21 2013 Le rôle des réseaux d'accueil dans l'implantation des PME à cas des l'internationalisation des PME indiennes Antonin , Abrar Ali Saiyed, Ekaterina Le Pennec 
  • Academy of International Business India Chapter (Paper Development Workshop ) in Bangalore, India, 15-17 April 2013   How the SME use the home network resources to internationalize: The case of India Antonin Ricard, Abrar Ali Saiyed, Ekaterina Le Pennec


  • Entrepreneurship orientation and firm’s internationalization under the contingent influence of  environment

Abrar Ali Saiyed, Stephanie Fernhaber (Butler University), Vishal Gupta (University of Alabama, USA)

  • Firm’s Capabilities and Firm’s Performance: A study of  Product, Process, and Practice Capabilities

Abrar Ali Saiyed, Rakesh Basant (IIMA), Pankaj Chandra (Ahmedabad University)

  • Profiles of directors and their impact on firms performance (being contingent on other criteria including ownership concentration of firms, the presence of controlling shareholders on the board of firms, industry profitability and regulations)

Sujata Banerjee (LUISS), Alessandro Zattoni (LUISS), Abrar Ali Saiyed

  • The Moderating Role of High - Performance Work Practices and Culture on Entrepreneurial Firms

Abrar Ali Saiyed, Aditya Moses (IIMA)

  • Entrepreneurial and Business Practices of  Different Business Communities in India

Abrar Ali Saiyed

  • Book : Living Through Legacy: Entrepreneurial and Business Practices of 10 Oldest Businesses of Old City of Ahmedabad

Abrar Ali Saiyed


  • Displacement and transience as identity:  An ethnographic study of Muslim communities in exile in Gujarat, India

    Abrar Ali Saiyed, Ruma Sen (Ramapo College of NJ, USA) (Funded by Ramapo College)

  • Enabling innovation and productivity growth in low income countries grant awarded by the department of international development (DFDI) and organized by Tilburg University (December, 2016)

    Jaap Voeten (Tilburg University, Netherlands) and Abrar Ali Saiyed ( only for India Data)








  • Attitude Towards Internationalization and Early Internationalization: Comparison of Indian and French   SME’s Decision Maker (Ranked B as per ABDC list)

M@n@gement, 18(1), 2015

Special Issue: The South-South expansion strategies and South-North: What theoretical and empirical implications for management research              

Antonin , Abrar Ali Saiyed 

  • Value network in heritage walks: Case Studies of Ahmedabad City Walks

Journal of Heritage Management, 1(2), 2016, Sage Publication

Abrar Ali Saiyed, Anita Basalingappa (MICA), Piyush Kumar Sinha (IIMA)


  • A qualitative study on Innovation in Manufacturing Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in India: Exploration of Policy and Research Issues.

Year: 2017 Tilburg University.

Jaap Voeten and Abrar Ali Saiyed

  • Waqf and the economics and the politics of heritage management in Ahmedabad Cross Section edited by Jigna Desai and Iñigo Cornago Year 2019


  • Role of Network Capabilities In Internationalization Of New Ventures In Emerging Economies : A Contingent Effect Of Industry Concentration And Liberalization

         Abrar Ali Saiyed

        AMSOM - WP - 2018 - 06 - 006

  • Emerging Economies, Institutional Voids, and Innovation Drivers : A Study in India

        Jaap Voeten, Abrar Ali Saiyed, Devkamal Dutta

        Date of Issue 01/2018, DFID Working Paper

  • The Internationalization Of New Ventures In a Post Liberalization Era : The Shifting Role Of Industry Concentration

       Abrar Ali Saiyed

       AMSOM - WP - 2017 - 02 - 004


  • The AMC Heritage Walk From Temple to Mosque ( Funded by CCRT) Registered with Ahmedabad University Ref No 60001_AU

ACADEMIC and TEACHING EXPERIENCE                                                                                                       

  • Ahmedabad University: Assitant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Family Business Area (https://www.ahduni.edu.in/)

    Course: Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Sociology of Bazar

  • Center for Environment and Planning Technology( January 2016-June 2016) (http://www.cept.ac.in/)

    Course: “Exploring Markets: Structure and Dynamics of Markets”

    Course: “Crafts, Communities and Industrial Economy”

  • IHP Program: Cities in the 21st Century: People, Planning, and Politics (March 2015- Cont)

    Conducting Heritage Walks, Neighborhood Walks, Old City Market Walks for IHP. Conducting session on issues faced by Muslims in India and Community Development in Muslims in India.

  • Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management ( November 2014-April 2015) (http://www.aiim.ac.in)

    Course: Strategic Management-I and Strategic Management-II for its executive management program students

  • St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies (December 2013- January 2015)( http://skips.in/ )

    Course: Strategic Management for its MBA students

  • Entrepreneurship Development Institute  ( a central government Institute considered as the best institute for entrepreneurship) (June 2013 – August 2013) (http://www.ediindia.org )

    Course: New venture Selection and Identification for its 2nd-year post graduate program in management and business entrepreneurship students

  • Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (December 2013- 2015) (http://www.pdpu.ac.in/ )

    Course: International Business and Trade

  • Institute of Management Studies, Nirma University (One of the top 30 business schools in India)(September 2009- April 2014) (http://www.nirmauni.ac.in/imnu)

    Courses:  Strategic Management & Written Analysis and Communication for its MBA, Executive MBA and MBA in Family Business students

  • Ahmedabad Management Association(August 2008-December 2009)( http://www.amaindia.org )

    Courses: Strategic Management & Written Analysis and Communication for its Post Graduate Program in International Business Students

  • B.K.School Of Business Management (Gujarat University)(Ranked no.1 Business school of Gujarat State, India)(January 2006-Apri 2010) (http://bkschool.org.in)

  • Courses: Strategic Management & Managerial Communication for its MBA students, Executive MBA students, and MBA in Family Business students

  • Shanti Business School (March 2011- June 2013) (http://www.shantibschool.edu.in/)

    Courses: Strategic Management, Knowledge Management & Strategy and Innovation for its post graduate diploma program in management and executive program in management students

  • Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (May 2006- May 2009)

   Role: Academic Associate

   Courses: Strategy Formulation and Implementation- I & II, Strategic Management, Strategic Corporate Growth, Strategy and Innovation, Knowledge Management, International     Business, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Governance & Law


TEACHING PEDAGOGY                                                                                                                                        

  • Case Study
  • Field Study (Markets, Industrial Clusters, and Districts, Companies etc.)
  • Discussion on Reflection and Learning notes and Decision Sheets
  • Group Exercises and Assignments
  • In class exercises
  • Experiential Learning

TEACHING CASES                                                                                                                                                 

  1. Jyoti Sangh: The Journey Towards the Future
  2. ABC Power ( with Bipul Kumar IIM Indore)
  3. Shreshtha Rajput: A Winner in Disguise ( with Saleena Khan and Ankit Gupta from IMT Nagpur)
  4. The AMC Heritage Walk: From Temple to Mosque ( Funded by CCRT)

COURSES TAUGHT and INTERESTED IN OFFERING                                                                                   

  • Strategy ( Business Strategy/Strategic Management)
  • Entrepreneurship Through Practice
  • Entrepreneurship in Heritage Art and Craft
  • Entrepreneurship in Design
  • Strategy & Innovation
  • International Business
  • Written Analysis and Communication
  • Knowledge Management
  • Sociology of Bazaar


My teaching got media attention

  1. http://epaper2.dnaindia.com/index.php?mod=1&pgnum=1&edcode=131001&pagedate=2018-12-24
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/ahmedabadmirror.indiatimes.com/ahmedabad/cover-story/meaty-honour-for-bhatiyar-gali/amp_articleshow/67211868.cms
  3. https://www.dnaindia.com/ahmedabad/report-gujarat-management-students-get-out-of-classes-visit-traders-to-get-business-tips-2722299?fbclid=IwAR1tvoymKNpBmH8OcQ3SKlIXL2Ho1STUWu6rRcNXHQHOCNkCeq0EUH4KDH4

Interested Offering Courses

  • Internationalization in New Ventures
  • Entrepreneurship and Organizational Building Process
  • Internationalization in Small, Micro, and Medium Enterprises
  • Strategies for Small, Micro and Medium Enterprise



  • Crafting Luxury and Lifestyle Business ( A course is jointly offered by Indian Institute of Management and Indian Institute of Crafts and Design) ( February 2016- Continue)

    Responsibilities: Working as a resource person for opportunities in heritage tourism and culture tours

  • Oowomaniya ( it is a social enterprise focusing on women health issues) ( November, 2015-December, 2015)( http://www.oowomaniya.com/)

    Responsibilities: Designing Revenue Models for this new venture

  • The Ideas of India: A Social Enterprise into heritage restoration and management, heritage & culture education ( December 2015 – June 2016)

    Responsibilities: Designing Business Strategies for this start-up, developing business model and revenue models with organizaional building process

  • Venture Lab ( A Part of Center of Heritage Management)(November 2015-December 2015)

    Responsibilities: Training and Mentoring 50 social enterprises and new ventures s in the field of heritage, art and culture as a part of Ahmedabad Heritage Cluster supported by Ahmedabad University, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, University of Valladolid, Spain and Funded by the European Union

  • Center for Heritage Management (Ahmedabad University) (June 2015-June 2016)

    Responsibilities: Developing a Case Study for their two years Master Program in Heritage Management

  • Venture Studio (January 2014-March 2015) ( http://www.venturestudio.in/ )

    Responsibilities:  Guiding and teaching ventures and entrepreneurs of Venture Studio. Venture Studio is an incubation center funded by Ahmedabad University and Stanford University

  • Industrial Commissioner and Industrial Extension Bureau (Government of Gujarat Organizations) (April 2012-November 2013)(http://ic.gujarat.gov.in/)

    Responsibilities: Preparing reports on the performance of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)in Gujarat. Coordinating with various survey agencies and government departments to conduct a detailed survey covering different aspects of performance and operation of MSMEs, usage of different government incentive schemes and their impact on the performance of MSMEs

  • Qua Nutrition (A Bangalore based Startup in diet and nutrition related services) (April 2012-January 2014) (http://www.quanutrition.com/contact )

    It is a start-up started by two IIMA alumnus in Bangalore in September 2011. It is into nutrition and diet planning. It gives customize nutrition and diet plan for its clients. Olympic Silver Medal winner Wrestler Sushil Kumar, Cricketer Robin Uthappa, Many South Indian film stars and golf schools in Bangalore are their clients.

    Responsibilities: a Designing strategy for entry and helping them to execute it. Pitching for investment and funding in front of different investors and private equity firms.

  • Arun Selvan Logistics Pvt Limited (May 2010-May 2012) (http://www.aslindia.com/)

           ASL is in the business of express distribution and supply chain solutions, providing total end to end    logistics solutions for Businesses across various verticals

           Responsibilities: Interacting with all the major stakeholders, identifying major issues/problems &suggesting the guidelines to improve operational inefficiencies, organizational  building, working capital mismanagement, low employee morale, low customer & vendor satisfaction, and strategic planning for the next three years.

  • Knoshelf.com  (A Bangalore based Startup in E-commerce Business)(April 2010 –August 2012) (http://www.knoshelf.com/)

           This start-up is into online bookselling business, and slowly getting into other product and services related to education and books related product and services

            Responsibilities:  Doing a market survey, identifying the customer’s expectations, designing the strategy that gives this start up to compete with giant players like Amazon.com, Flipcart.com, etc. Designing entry level strategy; developing the plan of organizational building with this strategy and long-term vision and strategy to be followed in next 2-3 years.

  • Dogs Villa (An Ahmadabad based Start-up in E-Commerce Business ) (May 2011-May 2012) (http://www.dogsvilla.com/)

    This start-up is into online dogs selling, breeding, and other services related to dogs.It was shortlisted in one of 400 ideas in Power of Ideas contest supported by CIIE, Department of Science and Technology and Economic Times

    Responsibilities: Doing a market survey, identifying the customer’s expectations, designing the strategy that gives this start up to compete with giant players like Amazon.com, Flipcart.com, etc. Designing entry level strategy; developed the plan of organizational building with this strategy and long-term vision and strategy to be followed in next 2-3 years.


  • US Consulate and RUDMI: On entrepreneurship for women entrepreneurs and self employed women coming from rural areas and small towns of Gujarat.
  • US Consulate and RUDMI: On entrepreneurship for physically challenged self employed individuals and entrepreneurs coming from various villages and towns of Gujarat and Maharashtra
  • Confederation of Indian Industries: On Growth Strategies and Competitive Strategies for Large Companies and SME owners and managers in Bhavnagar and Anand Industrial Areas in India.
  • Confederation of Indian Industries: On Challenges of Growth in Family Business in Rajkot (Automobile Cluster) in India
  • Confederation of Indian Industries: On Growth through Innovation in SMEs in Rajkot Industrial Association
  • Leather Association of India: On Challenges of Growth in SMEs in Chennai ( Leather Export Cluster)
  • Rifah Chamber of Commerce and SIO: On Challenges of Growth in SMEs, and on Entrepreneurship
  • IGATE Patni: On Knowledge Management for Top Management and employees of Product Engineering Services Division
  • Nirma Institute of Management: On Corporate Strategy, Strategic Management and Business Communication to Management Development Program participants
  • Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration: On Interpersonal Communication for Class I and Class II Officers of Gujarat Government
  • B.K.School of Business Management: On Strategy and Communication for Executives and Corporate participants
  • B.K.School of Business Management: On soft skills to MBA and Executive MBA participants
  • Ahmedabad Management Association: On soft skills to International Business Management Program participants, featuring as a trainer in AMA’s annual corporate broacher
  • Diamond Units in Surat: On Management and Strategy to Owners and management of the group of Diamond Polishing and Cutting Units in Surat ( Surat is considered as the biggest Diamond Polishing and Cutting Hub in the world)
  • BSNL Customer Care Division: Trained Customer Care Executives and Customer Care Representative for Customer Communication



  • Member of Academy of International Business
  • Member of Academy of Management
  • Member of International Entrepreneurship Researcher group
  • Reviewer for Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Reviewer for Asia Pacific Journal of Management
  • Reviewer for South Asian Journal of Business Studies
  • Scientific Committee of International Conference of Heritage Management
  • Editorial Advisory Board of Review of International Business and Strategy
  • Expert MSME Panel of Confederation of Indian Industries Gujarat Chapter
  • Affiliated Researcher of Center for Technology, Innovation and Economic Research
  • Member of Alumni Network of US Department of State Sponsored International Visitor Leadership Program and Fulbright Scholars



  • Co-Founder Virasat E Hind Foundation ( May 2016- Dec 2016)

Started an organization to create awareness heritage, history, culture, art of India. It writes books on local history funded by the . It also develops publications on architecture and heritage of India. It also develops curriculums and teaching aids to teach history and heritage in an . It conducts old city market walks, heritage walks, and craft walks and tours to teach and showcase rich heritage, history and culture of India to students and adults.

  • Founder of Association of Muslim Entrepreneurs (2015-Cont)

Started an association to help entrepreneurs, and self-employed people from Muslim community through workshops, seminars, and networking, mentoring and handholding initiatives. There are 10,000 members group and organized around 40 workshops and seminars in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Mumbai, Bangalore

  • Founder and Coordinator of IIMA Heritage Club (2013-2015)

              Started a student driven Heritage Club in IIMA to promote local heritage, food, art and culture. Designed heritage trips and walks and organizing performances and events related to Indian                  Performing . The club is only hobby club which generates its revenue

2nd IIMA Summer School had around 65 doctoral and research scholars across the major and premier institutes in India; One-week-long school had two parallel workshops on research methodology. It also had guest lecture sessions, lab practice sessions and open forum (in which participants shared their research work with each other)




WORKSHOPS AND CONSORTIUMS ATTENDED                                                                                            

  • Indian School of Business (ISB)’s Doctoral Consortium on Teaching 2015
  • IIMA Summer School, 2012
  • Ind-IB AIB Paper Development Workshop in December 2016, IIM Kozhikode
  • Junior Faculty Consortium in Academy of International Business 2018 in Minneapolis, USA
  • Ind-IB AIB Paper Development Workshop in December, 2018, ICFAI Hyderabad
  • One Day Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship in Developing Nations in a Digitally Connected World in January, 2018 in IIM Calcutta


  • ACHIEVEMENTS AND AWARDS                                                                        

  •        Chairman’s the Best Teacher Award for the year 2018-2019 in Ahmedabad University

  • Invited as an Expert Member of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Panel of Confederation of Indian Industries for the year 2018-2019
  • Got selected by the US consulate for US consulate sponsored International Visitor Leadership Program for the year 2016-2017 considering work for improving primary school education in minority run schools through teacher’s education
  • Best Thesis Proposal Award in Early Track in 7th IIMA Doctoral Colloquium, Ahmedabad, India, December
  • Scored 100 marks in Math in 10th Standards Board Exams and awarded by Gujarat Government


  • Completed Level-2 of French Language from Alliance Françoise, Ahmedabad
  • Worked as a content writer for Tata McGraw Hill Publication, prepared Technical Note for Teachers for Organizational Behavior by Prof. Margie Parikh and Prof. Rajen Gupta
  • Worked (on weekends) for British Council as an invigilator for IELTS, YLE, KTPT and other Cambridge University examinations from 2004 to 2008.
  • Social Activities: Teaching to poor and underprivileged students of my area for the last five years, also guide them in their studies, their careers and difficulties related to their studies. Working as an advisor to 5 Muslim trusts to help the quality of teaching in the schools run by these trusts in Gujarat
  • Founder of Association of Muslim Entrepreneurs (April 2015- Continue): Started an association of Muslim entrepreneurs, business persons and self-employed individuals to help, mentor and guide them through their day to day business problems and challenges. It has 8000 members on its closed Facebook group and average around 100-150 entrepreneurs and business persons attend its monthly meetings and seminars.
  • Going for long walks and listening to music











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