Consistent with the University’s vision, research at AMSOM is application driven and aimed at addressing real life problems in a rigorous manner while simultaneously involving students as well.  Accordingly most of the academic programmes of the school require students to work on sponsored projects under the supervision faculty mentors, thereby providing access to problems that are relevant with opportunities for pursuing research and developing case studies.

In addition to doing research in their disciplinary specialties, faculty are strongly encouraged to work on making high impact through research by working on contemporary problems that are complex and require interdisciplinary approaches.  Current thrust areas in this regard include – (a) developing insights into customer behavior, particularly in the context of retail sector, (b) Fintech and related applications and (c) behavioral economics.  Faculty have additional opportunities for pursuing interdisciplinary research through the four center at the University – (a) Global Center for Energy and Environment, (b) Center for Heritage Management, (c) Research on Entrepreneurship and Innovation through the VenureStudio and (d) research on pedagogy through the Center for Learning Future.