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Tana Trivedi
M.Litt. (University of Stirling, U.K.)
Senior Lecturer

Economics and Public Policy

Entrepreneurship and Family Business

Paragi Shah
PhD (Dharamsinh Desai University)
Program Chair, Assistant Professor

Finance, Accounting and Control

Neha Desai
M.Phil. (Gujarat University)
Senior Lecturer
Parag Patel
M.Phil., Ph.D. (Gujarat University)
Associate Professor & Associate Dean
Binny Rawat
M.Com (Lovely Professional University)
Assistant Lecturer
Pavak Vyas
PhD (Gujarat University)
Assistant Professor


Zalak Shah
M.Phil. (Gujarat University)
Senior Lecturer

Management and Organizations

Ankur Gangal
PhD (Bhavnagar University)
Senior Lecturer, Program Chair
Ekta Sharma
PhD (University of Rajasthan)
Assistant Professor
Ramadhar Singh
PhD (Purdue University)
Distinguished University Professor

Technology, Operations and Decisions Sciences

Jinal Parikh
PhD (Dharamsinh Desai University)
Assistant Professor
Devanath Tirupati
PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Dean, Amrut Mody School of Management

Culture and Heritage