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Welcome to the Ahmedabad Alumni community. You are close to us even though you are all over the world. Connect with classmates. Engage with the University. Participate in building a world class institution. Enjoy and remember your times at Ahmedabad. Mentor young students. Volunteer to be part of University committees and activities. Organise regional events. Support fellow alumni and grow the spirit of Ahmedabad.

Alumni Events and Activities

Ahmedabad Alumni is lively and connected. Want to get together with old friends who you have not met or meet other alumni from different years? Want to organise an evening of activity or workshop or a book reading? Connect with us at [email protected]

The Alumni Series

The Office of Alumni Affairs and Advancement presents its flagship event 'The Alumni Series'; a dialogue where our distinguished alumni engages with the Ahmedabad University community and outside with inspiring conversations.

The Alumni Series provides an opportunity to interact and learn from diverse alumni and their experiences. It has the potential to act as a catalyst for delivering talks on multifarious disciplines. The idea is to provide a platform that fosters creativity and innovation. 

This will largely contribute towards community building and enhancement, networking opportunities, and cultural development.

Featuring Ahmedabad Alumni

Alumni News

As a young institution, our alumni are young yet vibrant and impactful.

Engage and Volunteer

We are regularly looking for our alumni to speak on the campus, mentor our young students, and become part of our various committees. You can also become a batch representative of your class and get a chance to become a part of the organisation that manages the Ahmedabad Alumni.
Contact [email protected]


You have done well and you want to give the gift of education to someone less privileged. Your education was supported by some others while at the University and you want to reciprocate. You wish you had resources do something while you were a student and want current students to have that opportunity. There is a cause that is close to your heart and you want to support research or teaching or action learning around it. Or you simply want your alma mater to become the best in the world. GIVE to your alma mater. Fund people and activities at the university.

The University has setup a Tenth Anniversary Scholarship Fund for students and is currently raising an endowment so that no student who applies to Ahmedabad University goes away for want of funds. No one who studies at the University must feel that they cannot participate in any of its activities because they do not have resources. Let us make opportunities for our students. CONTRIBUTE to the Tenth Anniversary Scholarship Fund.

Connect through [email protected] and the Alumni office will get back to you.


Alumni Services

Ahmedabad University is putting constant efforts to make your interactions with the University Offices seamless and is attempting to simplify some key processes for you. We have begun with two services and will add more with time!

Library Membership

Library Membership for Alumni is to facilitate alumni of Ahmedabad University to use library facilities. The membership will be granted for one year. It will be renewed for the subsequent period subject to the availability of membership slots. Click Here to know more.

Apply for Transcripts

Alumni can now apply to have a paper transcript or a digital transcript from the comfort of their home. One may choose to visit the campus and collect it or we will courier it wherever one may want. Apply Here.

University Bookstore and Merchandise

A very popular place on campus, the Ahmedabad University Bookstore is an academic bookstore that serves the interests and needs of the students, faculty, staff, alumni and all its stakeholders. The Bookstore retails textbooks as well as Ahmedabad University Merchandise. The bookstore keeps material that is advanced in its treatment and supports deep enquiry of individuals and groups including young adults. It holds material that is scholarly and purports to attract readers nationally and internationally. It is a knowledge centre for the city and the country - a facility where all can access resources that are generally not available in common bookstores. It also organises very exciting activities centered around books for the advancement of ideas and their application.

The Bookstore is located in the University Centre, Central Campus.

Office of Alumni Affairs

Visit Campus

Your campus has grown tremendously since you left. Write to us at [email protected] and we will arrange a visit for you or a group of your friends. Visit the two amazing restaurants on the campus, VentureCafe and Project Otenga, with your family and friends.

Office of Alumni Affairs and Advancement
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