Master of Business Administration

The Ahmedabad MBA is an interdisciplinary programme that combines liberal education and analytical rigour. Our MBA graduates are not only academically sound; they gain real-world experiential learning, and an appreciation of social, cultural, and ethical contexts within which a business operates. Our MBA programme prepares students to be not merely better managers, but better leaders, better citizens, and better human beings. 
The combination of interdisciplinary learning, analytical mindset, and liberal education breadth of vision ensures that we prepare leaders of outstanding character who do not just build cutting-edge organisations, but strive to create a better world.


The Three Pillars Of Our MBA Programme:


Learning: Interdisciplinary learning is a key pillar of our MBA programme. Students of course learn traditional management subjects; but they also have the option to take courses as diverse as climate change, environment, ethics, psychology, philosophy, heritage, and computer science. This makes them well-rounded leaders, aware of world issues, with a sense of responsibility to all stakeholders, not just driving shareholder value.

Doing: The MBA programme is built on the principle of doing, beyond learning. Experiential learning is at the heart of the curriculum. Our students work with real companies – through our unique Route Camp projects – for the entire duration of their MBA, with the opportunity to put their learning to practical use in real-life settings.

Becoming: The Ahmedabad MBA programme transcends Learning and Doing, to focus on Becoming – our graduates are trained to develop a moral compass, a focus on not simply doing things right, but doing the right things. They become aware of the world issues and develop a moral compass for doing business in an ethical manner, that does not just benefit the organisation but the community, and the world.

The Ahmedabad MBA programme stands out for its unique combination of liberal management education and real-world experience. The Route Camp is an academic project that spans the 2-year MBA programme. The sponsoring organisation selects a real business issue that needs solving. The organisation and the university together develop the project objectives, expected outcomes, and deliverables. 

A group of MBA students, guided by a faculty mentor, then work on the project and develop solutions to address the business issue. Students work towards a solution that is interdisciplinary, innovative, impactful, and implementable. At the end of the project, the students present their analysis, outcome, and recommendations to the company. 

Our Route Camp partner companies come back to us with comments on how the unique benefits of this project:

“We appreciated the unique concept of Route Camp, wherein students were given the rare opportunity to learn how a real company functions”
“The Route Camp model ensures hands-on working experience and makes the students ready for the industry"
“…delighted to see the collaboration between management education and the real estate sector”

This experiential learning module ensures our MBA graduates are industry ready. Building on this foundation, our Career Development Centre (CDC) is able to forge active connections between industry and our MBA students. The CDC assesses industry needs, and works with our students to ensure they hone their skills to match the requirements. This leads to enriching internships and rewarding final placements for graduates. Some of the organisations that have recruited our students include: HDFC, Flipkart, Vodafone, Havells, Torrent, MRF, ITC, IndusInd Bank, Radio Mirchi, Reliance Money, and many more.

Programme Must Knows

Minimum Programme Credits: 80