Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering

In an highly competitive marketplace, organisations need skilled professionals to interpret a growing stream and variety of data. Increasingly, industry is focusing on how "big data" can be used to help decision makers improve organisational competitiveness.

The MTech in Computer Science and Engineering programme’s Data Science and Analytics specialisation is designed to meet this growing need. Our students gain hands-on experience with a variety of analytical tools available for the purpose of structuring large data sets, to unearth hidden information and patterns key to enterprise. Students also gain experience using different software tools and functions, including data mining, predictive modelling, and visual analytics using large data sets. Commercial and open-source tools are used to conduct analyses and build prototypes using real-world case studies and data sets. Case studies cover building predictive models in a variety of industries.


Programme Objectives


  • To design and implement databases, dimensional models, and data warehousing strategies.
  • To apply advanced methods of data warehousing and data mining in a variety of organisational environments.
  • To transform large data sets into actionable information in an easy-to-understand format.
  • To support organisational decision-making through the use of advanced analytical tools.
  • To manage the quality, security, and privacy of data relevant to an organization to enhance its value.
  • To manage real life complex data analytics projects.

Specialisation Outcomes


On completion of the programme, the student will be enabled to:

  • Assess alternative approaches and infrastructures for implementing big data analytics.
  • Evaluate the appropriate methods and tools for data analysis in specific organisational contexts, including selecting a modeling approach, building a model using appropriate tools, validating the model, and deploying the model for prediction and analysis.
  • Develop experience tackling industry and organization-specific problems and challenges using advanced analytics and computational methods.

Financial assistance


Selected candidates will be offered financial aid on the basis of GATE scores or performance in the written test and interview. Such candidates will be provided financial assistance in the form of teaching assistantship. 


Career Opportunities


Students are getting offers to become data scientists, data analytics specialists, and software engineers at reputed companies and research labs. Their experience spans Indian industry, from e-commerce, financial services and online retail to meteorology, agriculture and entertainment. Click here for further details related to career opportunities for MTech students.

Programme Must Knows

Minimum Programme Credits: 63

Data Science and Analytics