Master’s Programmes

Integrated Master’s in Business Administration

The Integrated Master’s in Business Administration is a full-time five-year degree programme which combines the BBA and MBA degrees. The iMBA emphasises experiential learning through industry-based projects. Learning focuses on family businesses, entrepreneurship, and international business. An entire semester is dedicated to corporate internships.

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Integrated Master’s in Life Sciences

The Integrated Master’s in Life Sciences is a full-time five-year Masters programme that offers specialisations in biochemistry, biotechnology and microbiology. It develops and encourages serious research and innovation in the life sciences. Students are offered the option to leave with a B.Tech degree after four years of study.

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Master’s in Business Administration

The MBA is a full-time two-year Masters programme with a provision for dual specialisation. Mentorships and summer internships are central to the programme curriculum. An additional component, the Individual Social Responsibility Initiative, is a mandatory two-year course that enables every student to engage seriously with questions of social development.

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Master’s in Technology in Computer Sciences and Engineering

The MTech in Computer Science and Engineering is a full-time two-year programme with specialisations in data science and analytics. The curriculum combines computer science, applied mathematics, and statistics, with business domains such as finance, marketing, supply chain management, e-commerce, and agriculture. The programme includes one year of research and industry-based thesis work.

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Master’s in Computer Studies

The Master’s in Computer Studies is a two-year lateral entry programme for graduates who have completed BCA and BSc. The curriculum is contemporary and industry oriented with specialisations in current and emerging trends in IT and Computing. The programme is offered at the School of Computer Studies.

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Master’s in Heritage Management

The Master’s Programme in Management Studies (Heritage Management), the first of its kind in India, is a two-year degree programme. It offers a mixed pedagogical approach, combining classroom experience with experiential learning. In addition to rigorous academic work, students benefit from the Centre’s Journal of Heritage Management, Annual International Conference and numerous on-going projects.

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Master of Arts in Economics

The programme is grounded in theoretical and quantitative analysis in the field of Economics. It emphasises the development of analytical skills and practical exposure through internships, and aims to build sensitivity among the students towards contemporary economic and social issues. It also focuses on helping them to understand the emerging drivers of economic activity, both at local and global levels.

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