Dual Degree Programme in Integrated Arts

Ahmedabad University offers a Five-Year Dual Degree programme in Integrated Arts for students seeking rigorous and holistic education in the fields of Performing and Visual Arts. This is a multidisciplinary programme that provides intellectual preparation within the liberal arts tradition while building skills and capabilities within specific art forms. Students will acquire in-depth technical and creative skills in their chosen field of practice while being exposed to an integrative knowledge of various art forms. While the programme is conceived as an integrated Master’s degree, students have the option to exit from the programme after four years with a Bachelors (Honours) degree.

The idea of Integrated Arts is for a student of the arts to be exposed to a wide range of creative art forms within a liberal arts educational environment. Students in the programme learn about the various art forms that make a creative world, learn how they can be combined or integrated to provide an innovative framework and build a deeper understanding of one or more art forms.

The student has the choice of specialising in a particular art practice such as music, theatre, dance, photography or painting or building their entire educational programme through the integrated arts framework.

Students will take courses in myriad Performing and Visual Arts disciplines in the first four years. These courses may be wide-ranging (in the spirit of the Integrated Arts programme) or focused (leading to a concentration in the practice of an art form). Students are expected to gain professional experience through a Summer Internship at the end of their third year. Immersive courses starting from the summer of the second year provide an opportunity to learn the craft deeply from one or more experts. An Integrated Arts project in the fourth year will bring together all the learnings of the preceding three years. In the fifth and final year, the student will participate in studio learning and carry out an independent project in the Visual Arts or Performing Arts supplemented by a written research component.

The programme offers opportunities to study Integrated Arts for the entire duration of the programme or undertake a specialisation in the form of Pathways and Concentrations at the Master’s level in this dual degree programme. The Bachelors component of the dual degree programme exposes the student to a variety of art practices.

To begin with, the dual degree programme in Integrated Arts will offer two broad Pathways: (a) Performing Arts; and (b) Visual Arts. Each Pathway is defined to target a particular set of artistic Concentrations (Music, Theatre, Painting, Photography) and open up specific career opportunities related to those practices.

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Programme Must Knows

Minimum Programme Credits: 183*
*The curriculum structure and number of credits are under review and are likely to increase

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Arts, and a Master of Arts in Integrated Arts OR a Master of Performing Arts OR a Master of Fine Arts (DUAL DEGREE)