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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others - Mahatma Gandhi

Young people learn the most by direct experiences and therefore it is important to give students access to volunteering opportunities. These opportunities, linked to their curriculum (directly or indirectly), offer unique and integrated exposure to the ethos of community service. The value of embedding volunteerism in liberal education can be manifold and beyond altruism. One of the objectives of including community service as a part of the Undergraduate Programme is to build a value for action in the lives of our students. This is done through a mandatory course, Engagement with Society, organised through the Student Volunteer Programme at Ahmedabad University.  The Student Volunteer Programme aims to provide the entire student community with an intense, authentic and meaningful experience in the act of giving, voluntary service, and citizenship.

The Student Volunteer Programme engages with NGOs and other organisations to identify volunteering opportunities for our students.  Students are introduced to these organisations and their work and choose a project to work on. Alternatively, a student can identify an organisation and project on her own to complete her volunteerism requirement.

The Student Volunteer Programme is experiential and reflective by design.  The projects help students discover their skills and interests in a real-world context.  Working on projects they gain valuable problem-solving, team building, and communication skills.  The periodic discussions and written reflections on their experiences provide them with an understanding of societal issues and possible solutions.  For some students this exposure may also influence future career decisions.

The Student Volunteer Programme has worked with the High on Life Foundation (anti-drug addiction campaigning), Humankind (creating teaching aids and conducting sessions for students from under-resourced schools), Khoj Museum (science education), Prabhat Education Foundation (special needs education), GIAN (grassroots innovations) and TIDE Foundation (generating teaching materials), among other non-profit organisations in Ahmedabad.

Tirth Kanani

Tirth Kanani

Bachelor of Technology 

As a part of the Volunteering Programme at Ahmedabad University, I got a wonderful opportunity to work with Prabhat Education Foundation. At Prabhat Foundation, I got to work for children, both school-going children and children with special needs who are not going to mainstream schools but are in Prabhat learning centres where they are trying to help the less privileged in many ways including education, health, and financial support. They teach children mainly of age 10-15 years old. There are many things that I learned while working with Prabhat Foundation, like interpersonal and communication skills, time management, team building, and coordination. It was an extremely enriching and fulfilling experience working at the Prabhat Foundation as a part of the Volunteering Programme.

Kunika Dheer

Kunika Dheer

Bachelor of Business Administration

It is not easy to find words to describe what I have experienced while volunteering at Khoj Museum as a part of the Volunteerism Programme at Ahmedabad University. Khoj allowed us to work, develop, and share ideas for making the world a better place to live in. My team decided to work for street waste management and we worked on introducing the ‘little dumpsters'. We aimed to clean the city by taking little steps which might make a huge impact over a period of time and with the cooperation of people. The idea was to present little dumpsters made out of recycled tins, cans, and bottles which can be converted creatively into little bins that can be kept in cars and thus keep people away from throwing the waste out of the windows. Khoj and the team helped us in guiding throughout the volunteering programme, understand our project requirements, and helping us with inputs on feasible solutions.

Reetu Ravani

Reetu Ravani

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

I worked as a coordinator for the Together in Development and Education (India wing) Foundation project The project's focus was to support the primary school teachers with creating content on COVID  related topics that can be used on social media based platforms. It was an enriching experience to work with this organisation as there were people from different organisations and academic institutes, which enabled me to enhance my communication and persuasion skills. The volunteering program by the University enabled students to explore their qualities and potential beyond academics. It allowed students to practically apply what is being taught in various courses.