The Conversation Series Society in The Time of Pandemic

The Conversation Series   Society in The Time of Pandemic
Aug 29, 2020 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Online Webinar Series

The pandemic has disrupted all aspects of life: most evidently, healthcare, the economy, work, and education. Much has been written about these aspects. However, the impact of COVID induced lockdown on society and culture has perhaps not received enough attention. How is the pandemic impacting our society and culture? Will the impact be short-lived or are we in for a new way of life? What is the impact of the pandemic on family life, relationships, consumption, shopping, working, studying, communicating eating, socialising, doing business, travelling, and other such minutiae of daily life?

In this webinar, the experts - who are keen watchers of society and culture - will address several questions to help comprehend this emerging culture: What does this new society and culture look like? What is the impact of work encroaching on our home space? Will physical distancing lead to social distancing? Will we become a less trusting society? How has the use of mask altered our approach to sociability and relationships?



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