From the large-scale processes that form galaxies to the complex phenomena we encounter at a quantum scale, Physics is the science of the most fundamental forces that shape our Universe, govern our lives and underlie our technological achievements. At Ahmedabad University, the Bachelor of Science (Honours) Major in Physics gives students a rigorous and hands-on instruction in the principles of this science.

The major promotes exposure to research alongside an active role in society. In lab courses, students have the opportunity to work hands-on with equipment. The Undergraduate thesis or group capstone project requires students to carry out in-depth research in an area of their interest. They may also work on individual projects, assisting faculty research. Through laboratory and theory courses and combined with Ahmedabad University’s interdisciplinary course of study outside the major, the Bachelors in Physics hopes to create the well-rounded scientists of tomorrow.

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Programme Outcomes

Students of the Bachelor of Science in Physics will:

  • Gain a thorough introduction to principles and methods in fundamental areas of Physics, including Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Mathematical Physics
  • Learn through projects and problem-solving exercises. They will be able to consider a problem involving physical phenomena, identify the physical variables and the laws of Physics that are relevant to the problem, and apply these laws in a logical manner to solve the problem
  • Have hands-on access to laboratory equipment and learn to design experiments, build the necessary equipment (in some laboratory courses), recognise the sensitivity of the equipment they are using, take data as accurately as possible, and recognise errors in measurement
  • Learn to communicate scientific concepts and experiments in a manner understandable to a layperson
  • Have the opportunity to assist cutting-edge faculty research

Course Structure

All incoming Undergraduates at Ahmedabad University start with the Foundation programme, an interdisciplinary course that covers fields from Mathematics to Literature through project-based learning.

Classical Mechanics
Electromagnetic Theory
Electrical Circuits, Solid State Physics, and Electronics
Oscillations, Waves and Optics
Quantum Mechanics (2 semesters)
Laboratory Physics (2 semesters)
Atomic, Nuclear and Molecular Physics including Spectroscopy
Mathematical Courses in Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, and Differential Equations
Discipline Electives

Students can choose from a range of discipline electives. The electives offered change every semester. Sample electives include:

Astronomy and Astrophysics
Plasma Physics
Advanced Quantum Mechanics
Complex Analysis
Advanced Mathematical Physics
History of Science/Ideas
Fibre Optics
Materials Science
Condensed Matter Physics
Computational Physics
Undergraduate Thesis / Group Capstone Project

As with all majors at Ahmedabad University, students pursue their own interest with an undergraduate thesis in Physics. Alternatively they can opt for a group capstone project on a research project. This allows students to apply their studies and hone their research abilities on a yearlong project.


A Minor in Physics will require a student to complete courses in Classical Mechanics; Electromagnetic Theory; Oscillations, Waves and Optics; Quantum Mechanics (1 course) and 2 more courses from either the Core courses or Major Electives. It is presumed that the student will also take the Mathematics courses needed for these Physics courses.

Sample Course Structure
Semester 1 2 3 4 5 6
Foundation Programme
Classical Mechanics – I* Laboratory Physics – I* Mathematics
(Multivariable Calculus)*
Foundation Programme
Data Science - II
(General Education Requirements)
Com - I
(General Education Requirements)
II Free Elective Com - II
(General Education Requirements)
III Electromagnetic Theory Laboratory Physics – II Mathematics
(Differential equations)
General Education Requirements General Education Requirements  
IV Classical Mechanics – II Oscillations, Waves and Optics Mathematics
(Linear Algebra)
Optics Lab General Education Requirements  
V Thermodynamics Quantum Mechanics – I Electrical Circuits, Solid State Physics, and Electronics Electronics Lab General Education Requirements  
VI Quantum Mechanics – II Atomic, Nuclear and Molecular Physics
General Education Requirements Free Elective General Education Requirements  
VII Major Elective 1 Major Elective 2 Undergraduate Thesis / Group Capstone Project Free Elective General Education Requirements  
VIII Major Elective 3 Undergraduate Thesis / Group Capstone Project Free Elective Free Elective Free Elective  

*Bi-Semester course (Bi-Semester courses are delivered from approximately October to February)

The Foundation Programme runs in the first 2 months of Semester I and the last 2 months of Semester II.


Faculty Spotlight

Professor Aditya Vaishya develops instruments for understanding tiny atmospheric particles called aerosols. His research has taken him on an instrumented aircraft flying high over the Indo-Gangetic plain and it has taken him to the Arctic, where he researched the effects of human activity on altering aerosol properties.

How do aerosols grow under changing humidity fields? How do they interact with radiation? How do essential climate variables influence the properties of aerosols? By answering these questions, Professor Vaishya helps us understand the complex nexus between atmospheric aerosols and climate.

Career Pathways

Graduates of the degree in Physics will gain a thorough understanding of the field of Physics. They will also be empowered with problem solving techniques and strong communication skills.

This is a perfect preparation for graduates to pursue higher degrees in Physics in India or abroad. With their interdisciplinary training at Ahmedabad University, they may pursue higher degrees in Management, Law etc. or choose alternate career paths, such as in science writing, programming or analytics.

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The Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics is open to anyone who has completed class 12 or equivalent with Physics and Mathematics as subjects. Students are expected to have a strong preparation in Mathematics for the programme.

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