Building Universities That Matter: A book on Indian universities by Professor Pankaj Chandra

October 27, 2017 External Relations

Professor Pankaj Chandra,Vice Chancellor, has come up with his book - Building Universities that Matter, which provides a detailed analysis of the neglected issues of governance in higher education, the processes that weaken governance systems in universities, and how they impact learning on campuses.

Drawing on past studies and his own experiences in some of the finest institutions of higher education in India and abroad, the author states that higher education in India is characterized by regulation and bureaucratic control; low investment in learning and physical infrastructure; poor quality of teachers and teaching; corruption, nepotism and student violence. The university is different from a bureaucratic or commercial organisation, but has not been managed differently. As a result, it no longer remains a safe haven for new experiments, new ideas, and new voices.

This book is also about people – faculty, boards, bureaucrats, and politicians – and how together, they have failed the student. At a time when universities in India are being critiqued for under-achievement, the book builds a case for a redesign of the university as an organisation.

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