What Happened in the Last Century? The Origin of Computer Science

What Happened in the Last Century? The Origin of Computer Science
Mar 12, 2018 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM Auditorium, GICT Building Lectures Series

John von Neumann built the first digital computer in 1945 and since then the field of Computer Science has grown by leaps and bounds. Professor Kamal Lodaya discussed different mathematical ideas that were developed across the millennia, until the end of the twentieth century. Professor Lodaya began with the history of mathematical inventions during Greeks and the construction using a straight edge and the compass. He went on to discuss the historical progress in defining the number system, counting of numbers, and resource bound number sets. He also talked about Lambda Calculus and First Order Logic. Through the chronology of works by great mathematicians like Hilbert, Gauss, Cantor, Professor Lodaya subsequently introduced Godel's work and finally Turing's work with the Church and John von Neumann's construction of a Turing machine.

Profesor Lodaya is a Professor with Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, and works in the area of Theoretical Computer Science. His research interests include Logic, Automata, Petri nets and Concurrency.


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