Strategic Digital Marketing

Why Strategic Digital Marketing?

The marketing ecosystem today is changing dynamically. With the current developments and changing ways of work, there is a rise in the use of online mediums for business purposes. The world today is at an exciting crossroad where the need to operate with digital and technology at the center has become necessary. The digital world operates without constraints, and this makes it a fascinating area to pursue and use it strategically for one’s benefits. Notably, the impact of digital technology in markets can be realized in terms of data, customers, competition, innovation and the value to customers. Marketing in the digital age is unique and requires building of an effective customer connect online through relationship management and achieving of mutually beneficial business goals. Therefore, skilling and reskilling with digital know-how for effective marketing has become essential for individuals today.

Objectives of the Certificate Course

This course aims to enable movement of participants into the digital marketing and communications domain and to help transit decision making through the learning and implementation of strategic digital marketing possibilities.

Learning Outcomes

Broad Outcomes

  • Strategic Marketing in a world of networked customers
  • Frameworks for reaching and connecting with digital customers
  • Process of planning and executing a digital marketing strategy

Specific Outcomes

  • Digital marketing basics with hands-on application
  • Creation of an effective digital campaign calendar
  • Creation of effective digital content and communication strategies
  • Understanding of Digital Marketing Analytics

The proposed programmes for the year 2020-21 are:

Certificate Programme on Strategic Digital Marketing 15 credits in a semester, full- time
Part Time Certificate Programme on Strategic Digital Marketing 15 credits in two semesters part-time

Who can join the programmes?

The Diploma and Certificate programmes in Business Analytics are open to:

  • Entry Level Marketing Professionals
  • Experienced Marketing Professionals who wish to enhance their digital skills
  • Start-up owners with a desire to blend current digital trends with conventional marketing techniques
  • Under-graduate or graduate degree holders from Ahmedabad University or other universities (under specific requirements)

Why should you join a specialisation programme?

  • These one-year specialisation programmes help you to earn credentials in a new area while increasing your employability by helping you to develop key skills. They also give you the opportunity to explore your intellectual interests beyond the degree you have completed.
  • If you have just completed a three-year undergraduate programme, it gives you a fourth year at university, which makes you eligible to apply to a range of postgraduate programmes abroad.
  • In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is likely to be very challenging for graduating students to enter the job market or begin further studies outside Ahmedabad (or their hometown if they are from elsewhere). While you are waiting for the external situation to improve and stabilise, you may wish to do a one-semester or a one-year part-time programme that would help you to your spend your time constructively, while adding to your employability skills.

Why should you join?

  • If you have secured a three years undergraduate degree and looking for a fourth year to be eligible to apply abroad.
  • Enhances your employability post-COVID world because companies are looking for core technology talent
  • If you are already in business, now is the time to learn the traits of digital world and reachout to your customers

Mode of the Programme: Online

Programme structure

This is a 15-credit certificate programme divided into the following categories:

Course Type Credits
Required Courses 9
Elective Courses 3
Certificate Project Work (CPW) 3
Total 15
  • A participant has to take either 3 required courses or equivalent of 9 credits and a compulsory project (See CPW above). This is applicable to part-time and full-time participants.
  • Minimum credit limit for electives is 4.5 credits. Participants can take more elective courses as desired to enhance learning.

Required Courses

Course Code Course Name Credits Semester
MKT504 Understanding Markets and Consumers 1.5 Monsoon 2020
MKT642 Interdisciplinary Approach to Consumer Understanding 3 Monsoon 2020
TOD531 Introduction to Analytics 1.5 Monsoon 2020
TBD Digital Marketing 3 Monsoon 2020
CPW Project on Designing Digital Marketing Campaign 3  

Elective Basket

S.No. Course Code Course Title Credits
1 TBD Digital Content Strategy 1.5
2 TBD E-tailing and Retailing 1.5
3 TBD SEO and SEM 1.5
4 TBD Social Media Strategy 1.5
5 TBD E-mail Marketing     1.5
6 TBD Fundamentals of A/B Testing 1.5
7 TBD Digital Advertising and Promotion 1.5


The semesters for course offering are subject to as and when a course is offered and on the participant’s academic planning. Some courses may have prerequisites and the same need to be discussed with the course instructor prior to registration for the course.

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