The Diploma in Financial Analysis programme is designed to enable students to hone their skills in Finance and Accounting and make them ready for path breaking careers in the industry. As an executive in the finance industry a student may be required to study and collect financial data to analyse a business’s status, provide recommendations, figure out a company’s cost of operations, compare data, establish policies that help to guide cost analysis and come up with plans of action. To be able to do this efficiently, a student will need to master the skills like problem-solving, planning, analysing, organising, and financial as well as technical skills. This programme would help the participants to acquire fundamental financial analysis skills which will open up doors in obtaining entry level positions in the field of financial research/ relationship management/ dealing/advisory in the capital markets.

The proposed programmes for the year 2022-23 are:

Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Analysis 30 credits over 2 semesters, full-time
Certificate Programme in Financial Analysis 15 credits in one semester, full-time
15 credits over two semesters, part-time