Integrated Master of Business Administration

Ahmedabad University offers a five-year Integrated Master in Business Administration programme with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Family Business. It provides training in foundations of management so as to enable students to take up leadership roles in managing, scaling-up, turnaround of family business or craft a business plan to start an enterprise within or outside a family business. The programme helps build effective skills to assess risks associated with a business, make responsible decisions and recognise opportunities within and outside one’s own business, and identify strengths & fail points as well as learn to manage  generations in family businesses. It focuses on learning to build and execute strategies for facilitating change in organizations through experiential learning of concepts like bootstrapping, business canvas, prototyping, and building proof of concept. It provides an opportunity to build a new product or service based business by becoming a fellow at VentureStudio, Ahmedabad University’s incubator, while earning credits for the same.

Students of this integrated programme are awarded both a BBA as well as an  MBA degree upon completion of the credit requirements of the programme. 

The Programme admits students who have completed Class 12 or equivalent in any discipline and have the passion for their chosen major. Some majors may require prior preparation in certain areas. Please check the section on Majors.


Programme Must Knows

Minimum Programme Credits: 165*
*The curriculum structure and number of credits are under review and are likely to increase

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration (DUAL DEGREE)