Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)

Business and industry have been changing dramatically over the last three decades driven by rapid developments in technology, discoveries in science, and the emergence of novel business models. The environment, however, is facing further upheaval due to unforeseen changes in global politics as well the recent pandemic. The BBA (Honours) programme is designed to prepare graduates to become successful professionals in this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. This unique programme brings management and liberal arts education together to equip our young students with methods and practice to build a successful career.

The programme helps develop a sound foundation of management principles, provides an opportunity to learn abouts its interface with technology & data, and helps build a decision making mindset and ability. It builds critical thinking, analytical, communication, an integrative ability (an ability to connect disciplines and the context). Applying knowledge to solve real problems in the real-world context, building strong abilities to communicate one’s ideas, and learning to work effectively in teams and lead them are skills that our ENABLE pedagogy builds in our students. The programme is global in its reach and learning and local in its understanding of the context of decision making.

The BBA course includes completing the School and Programme core (or required courses) and pursuing a Major (a field of specialisation like Marketing or Finance or Human Resources or Operations or Business Analytics etc.). The programme creates pathways to learn management and about the society (through courses in humanities and social sciences) as well as about innovations (through courses and projects in technology, data science and even biology). This holistic learning experience comprises understanding of theories behind management principles, practical insights and exposure of industry, and a doing orientation through projects and internships. The programme culminates with a capstone project where students work in interdisciplinary teams on a real problem or on an undergraduate thesis. 

Our graduates work with some of the best corporations in India and the world, they go on to attend graduate programmes at some of the most prestigious institutions in India and the world or start their own enterprise. Some go back and grow their family businesses. The programme provides a solid foundation to move into other professional activities including civil services.  

Ahmedabad University has a MoU with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), UK which facilitates the pursuit of a global qualification, ACCA, along with the BBA degree. On this track, students receive the privilege of an exemption for 9 out of 13 papers required for ACCA certification for having completed certain coursework at Ahmedabad University. The curriculum for the exempted papers is embedded in our curriculum and students can complete the remaining 4 out of a total of 13 papers concurrently with their undergraduate degree. Over 150 students have enrolled in ACCA with Ahmedabad University and are pursuing rewarding careers in the fields of accountancy, finance, and management, both in India and globally. The ACCA qualification will not only give students an option to pursue an international qualification but also open up the best employment opportunities for them both in India as well as abroad.

The Programme (BBA course) admits students who have completed Class 12 or equivalent in any discipline and have the passion for their chosen major. Some majors may require prior preparation in certain areas. Please check the section on Majors.


Programme Must Knows

Minimum Programme Credits: 125*
The curriculum structure and number of credits are under review and are likely to increase

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)