Why Strategic Digital Marketing?

The marketing ecosystem today is changing dynamically. With the current developments and changing ways of work, there is a rise in the use of online mediums for business purposes. The world today is at an exciting crossroad where the need to operate with digital and technology at the centre has become necessary. The digital world operates without constraints, and this makes it a fascinating area to pursue and use it strategically for one’s benefits. Notably, the impact of digital technology in markets can be realised in terms of data, customers, competition, innovation and the value to customers. Marketing in the digital age is unique and requires building of an effective customer connect online through relationship management and achieving of mutually beneficial business goals. Therefore, skilling and reskilling with digital know-how for effective marketing has become essential for individuals today.

Objectives of the Certificate Course

This course aims to enable movement of participants into the digital marketing and communications domain and to help transit decision making through the learning and implementation of strategic digital marketing possibilities.

The proposed programmes for the year 2024-25 are:

Certificate Programme in Strategic Digital Marketing 15 credits in two semesters, part-time
  '15 credits in a semester - Full Time

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