‘Taking Care of Employees is Crucial to Building Organisations’

Professor Lori Foster’s 4D Lab works at the intersections of work, technology, psychology, and sustainable development. On the sidelines of the 32nd Annual Convention of the National Academy of Psychology, she spoke about using psychological science and technological advances to improve well-being and economic mobility and how organisations that mind the health and happiness of their employees impact productivity.

Ahmedabad University's VentureStudio Fellowship: The Most Unique Programme in the Country to Nurture Entrepreneurs

From a carpool aggregator to a sports content media house -- these startup ideas have been nurtured under Ahmedabad University’s VentureStudio Fellowship Programme, a one-of-its-kind startup incubatee programme offered to innovation-driven University students every Winter Semester.

Changing the Frame: Making Small Firms Compete Like Large Ones

Vice Chancellor Pankaj Chandra writes about the strategic advantages of small firms that make them competitive and how they should organise as a "network firm" to realise that advantage and provide a growth potential in terms of employment.

End-of-Life Conversations

‘Feeling Rule Management’ - a new term coined by researchers Shibashis Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, Amrut Mody School of Management, and Clayton Thomas, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University, describes how specialised care providers manage difficult end-of-life conversations about palliative care. The key is not to dismiss their patients' emotions. On the contrary, the researchers concluded, validating patients' fear, hope or guilt helps.